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  1. Anyway, I’m so excited about the whole thing! The album, the photo shoot, the video and whatever... all this is helping me to overcome a terrible period of my life, and I don’t want to sound dramatic but that’s it. Lana has always helped me through her music. It would be so lovely to have a brand new album in a few days. That’s also motivating me to complete my studies lol since I got to thinking “the earlier I finish my exams, the earlier I’ll be free to listen to Lana”... assuming it is not delayed, of course! (sorry, I just wanted to spread some love and positivity here)
  2. It has been one week since her last post... I know that you can’t never really know with her, but nonetheless I’m intrigued by her behaviour. She has posted a lot lately and now all of a sudden a stony silence. I’m wondering why. Perhaps she has just been a busy bee or... who can say!
  3. I mean, I just think that her silence is intriguing at this point... perhaps it’s only me, but I don’t think it is casual.
  4. Do you think Lana will post something again on IG before the 5th?
  5. I’ve just noticed it piecing together the two IG stories: “Secret gardens and luscious blooms”... could it be a line from an actual song? It’s so Lana!
  6. OH. GOOD. LORD. The pretentiousness of this post. Well, I better log off. I don’t want any warning point because of these trifles. See you when the COCC is out (i.e. soon).
  7. No offence, of course, but also... chill out. I was just joking around. Other users are kidding, like the majority of us here. I’ve used FOUR dancing bunny emojis, I thought the clowness of it was crystal clear. (just to be sure)
  8. Well, I think she may have realised we’re starving for COCC and we need some solid information... that’s why she’s gonna reveal the cover + tracklist in A FEW MINUTES !!! Belt up, cocckers!
  9. Well, if that’s the case... he’s not excused anyway. After ALL those comments on his “countdown” post, it would just take a sec to write “hey, don’t project that much, we’re actually doing a photo shoot next Sunday!”. Meh.
  10. HEY you people, just here to remind you that... Saturday IS NOT OVER YET
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