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  1. Alright, I know, nothing really new or COCC-related but... every time she posts sth about Honeymoon I’m- I’m sorry, she has clearly won again
  2. All of this circumnavigating the earth, Was to get back to my life Six trips to the moon for my poetry to arise I’m not a captain, I’m not a pilot I write. I write.
  3. She looks so lovely and younger in the latest vid! She’s definitely giving me Lizzy vibes
  4. Não se preocupe! Então, na realidade eu não sou brasileiro, mas estudo línguas estrangeiras, português incluído! See you around
  5. Por que você traduziu meu post em português brasileiro? (Sim, eu falo português também )
  6. She’s just hit 17 million followers, you peopleeeee!
  7. I’m falling in love with Honeymoon again and one of the main reasons is this song, for sure. I can’t explain it. I needed to listen to it without even knowing it. Oh Lana, you gave birth to a timeless masterpiece.
  8. Lana dancing along with Mickey Mouse? Cutest thing ever she’s lovely, I love her
  9. I watched again the video of Salamander yesterday and I noticed how relaxed Lana was reciting the poem. There were certain moments where you could spot a beautiful tender smile, like that of a little girl... I don't know how to explain it, but she gave me such good vibes, as if she were in her own world. And she was happy. I loved it.
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