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  1. the necklace snapped in half maybe ill switch doc
  2. leaving a university lecture at nighttime, then wandering around the campus and when I listen to Jeff Buckley I think of her
  3. Jeff Buckley is all im listening to, and I can just sense how much Inspo lama has taken from him
  5. I found the lana coke necklace on eBay for $120 this November! I do not know why she had it for so cheap but what a legend and there was some weird lookin residue in the locket
  6. their just rlly comes a point where using 35mm doesn't make photos automatically cool, those photos look very ordinary and uninspired I think the cover Charlie shot is really pretty however its amazing that she's supports her brother and sisters careers, id do the same
  7. Has anyone watched the new film starring Aubrey Plaza "black bear", has to be one of my favourite movies of the past year! I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who's planning on watching it (which u should go do), but damn am I confused. its a really interesting film, super meta.
  8. I do not see why they couldn't just make flora plus sized to be honest maybe she gained some weight after the animated series due to its success THEY COULD OF MADE IT WORK. yeah techna was the least interesting to me as a child but plot twist bloom was equally as annoying
  9. I love the Winx so much, this series had so much POTENTIAL! I was thinking euphoria meets game of thrones crossed over with supernatural anyone know the logic or reasoning for leaving flora and tech out? just why. also the costumes make me sort of sad.
  10. I read it for a similar reason, I saw it in a lot of tumblr blogs including Nicoles! I finished it yesterday and hmmm, to be honest its a beautifully written gothic novel and the details and imagery of the world I loved and the plot twist was relatively interesting, however I think exploring the mothers pov would of made it better?! I don't like it enough to go and read the sequels though. For my first book of the year i'd say 6/10.
  11. about to start flowers in the attic!!! anyone read it ?
  12. the worlds girl

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    venice bitch v flipside
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