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  1. I was in school too on 9/11. We were able to see lower manhattan from where we were. It was probably the most horrible thing I have witnessed with my eyes. Lana and I both hail from the same state and we both saw how it affected daily life in the days, weeks and months following the attack. It's important that we always remember that day and pay tribute to those we lost, that we give thanks to the first responders, FDNY and NYPD. On that day we saw the worst of humanity, but also the best in humanity because we all came together to help each other out. Most importantly, we were all Americans on that day. May God Bless the United States of America!
  2. I think we should stay on topic here which would be discussing Lana’s Tweets. A discussion of British Politics could take place elsewhere on this forum.
  3. It sure has been a crazy summer. This pandemic has created a very dystopian society.
  4. But the Social Justice Warriors don’t speak for ordinary people. You have a small group of elites who want to dictate the rules for the majority. Lana Del Rey is a free spirit who thinks for herself. That is something to admire.
  5. Lana should make up those UK tour dates. She has a big following in the UK and I know the fans will come out if she makes up those dates. The cancellation of those dates were too abrupt and it’s not Lana’s fault but I think she should use a new tour promoter that does not have as much red tape.
  6. I took one psychology class and frankly I found it wayyy too easy! But I won't complain about that because I got a good grade in the class. lol Anyway, I can see that we finally had some drama on here that didn't include me... I guess thats normal when I take a break and go for a drive to Boulder City! lol
  7. Thank you. I suffer from bipolar disorder and sometimes I can find that kind of talk triggering.
  8. Looking at these comments I have to ask, Is this a fan site? Most of the discussion of Lana on here is negative. If you praise her that’s bad. But if you criticize her that’s great. This is really more like the Lana Haters Board. Earlier so many of you were complaining about her interview in the magazine. Picking apart her words, calling her egotistical etc. Then earlier this summer you guys were saying she was back with Sean despite having no concrete proof. Somehow a lot of you seem to think that you have a right to access Lana’s dating life. Well you don’t. You have a right to her art and that’s it. Then there are those of you who constantly complain about Chuck’s photography. Well do those of you who are complaining out there working in photography and making money? What are YOU doing with your life? When I joined this form I revealed that I was an LGBTQIA citizen and not long after that a user from Russia started attacking me at every corner he/she could. Now we know that the majority of Russia is opposed to LGBTQIA people. I know what’s going on and the homophobia is clear. I know it when I see it because I have experienced it very often. yes Lana is famous and successful. She is a public figure but you have no right to attack her every move and to get into every aspect of her life. This is what goes on; Lana achieves fame, then a group of people (her so called fans) pick her apart and try to tear her down because they think she is egotistical. They tear her down because she dated a cop. They tear her down because they are failures at life and are intimidated by the fact that she made something of her life while YOU just hang out on here and talk and talk and talk. What does this do to Lana? It hurts her. This mentality is what destroyed Marilyn Monroe, Amy Winehouse and Kurt Kobain. You want to destroy Lana. I joined this site only because I was out of work. When I was working doing live audio on the Las Vegas Strip, I wouldn’t have had the time for this. I get the impression I am older than most of you. Good luck when you get into the real world. Your mentality won’t get you far in the workplace. Lana is not yours to push about. She is not yours to destroy. She is yours to enjoy her art. But I am calling it quits here. I wish you all well. I do think a lot of you are very fine people and I have no issue with you guys. Some of you however really have a lot of work to do on yourselves. I have work to do on myself to, but I am committed. But I hope you all find peace in life.
  9. Just because she never mentioned being a fan doesn’t mean that she was never a fan until now. I don’t see Lana becoming who she dates. She is her own person. People should give her credit for being herself and true to herself. Who she dates is her business. We may be her fans, but we have no right to her private life.
  10. Many Americans are football fans. It’s not an issue of Lana’s “shit”. I’m excited for football season too. I just wish they were allowing fans into Allegiant Stadium.
  11. A career in the music business is not a normal career. It’s hard to maintain a stable relationship when you work in this business. Many are able to. Many are not able to make it work. Lana should do whatever works for her.
  12. I never said I lived in California. I said I spent a lot of time there. I have two siblings there and other relatives too. It’s not far from Las Vegas. I don’t need to be told by someone in Russia about the geography of the United States. Las Vegas is a four hour drive from LA. I’m sure you wound not like it if I told you that Sochi (the site of the greatest doping scandal of all time) was only a two hour drive from Moscow (home of the very homophobic Vladimir Putin). (And this is Literally my last and final response to you for as long as I live which will hopefully be a long life)
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