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  1. I don't think we should jump to conclusions so hastily. If you look at what she said in 2018, I think it's clear that she understands that the situation in Palestine is horrible and that her wanting to play a show in Israel doesn't mean she supports the governments actions. She wanted to perform for both her fans in Israel and Palestine. No one is immune to propaganda, but I don't think she could've just completely changed her mind about that. It's not wrong at all to want the hostages to be safe, and what happened with them was terrible. I don't think this letter is gonna do anything to help, and it does contain misinformation. A hostage situation is much different to the constant war that has been going on for the past, what, 76 years? So it makes sense why she would sign this in hopes that they will be released. But that's just my two cents
  2. Obviously her voice is one of the most beautiful sounds on earth, but sometimes I feel like it's too high in the mix or something and it makes her beautiful instrumentals harder to hear...
  3. I honestly think it's sort of weird to not believe her, she doesn't have to be open like that, she doesn't owe us any details about her life. I also don't understand why some people think you're only poor if you literally live in a cardboard box on the side of the road. I mean, my family is below middle class but not dirt poor. I get where she's coming from. And life was different in the late 80s-90s, I don't know why people are taking facts from today and applying them to the past to try and prove that she's lying. As for the SNL thing, if Rob was promoting the Kill Kill EP in 2007 then there's really no way he didn't know she wasn't signed to a record label. (Unless he's just unobservant?) So I don't know what she meant by that, or why she'd exaggerate the truth. (And I say exaggerate the truth because it's possible to a certain extent or in some way her parents really didn't know) Maybe she was feeling defensive and didn't want people to try and say that he helped her in any way. I always thought it was presumptuous that people just assume things about her life and assign things to her as if they were there and they know her. No one knows her story better than she does
  4. The dancers are cute but she needs to bring back the string quartet
  5. I think it's actually ribbons in knots
  6. People thought she wouldn't do Florida Kilos but she did...Mississippi, if you want it bad enough...
  7. I will never forget how crazy everyone went when she did Florida Kilos... I knew it would happen if we didn't lose hope! Truly an unbelievable experience, I honestly could not believe my eyes while I was watching her onstage. She's real!! The songs are real!! I almost starting sobbing during Ride
  8. If you can get a fast pass I would recommend it. (Unless you already did) I was there at like 4am in Tampa and I still didn't get barricade (I was like two rows behind it so I'm still grateful but like...I waited like 17 hours) because they let the people with fast pass in first + when they let us through the gates the people in the back started running and passing everyone so everyone started running, the number system was completely disregarded and the place was huge so it might be different for you, hopefully I regret not taking getting a fast pass seriously
  9. I was thinking the same thing.. I don’t care if I sound delusional, if anyone who’s reading this is also going to the Tampa show don’t lose hope!!
  10. Is she really not doing Florida Kilos? Well.. Tampa girlies we can do this
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