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  1. uhauljoe

    Addison Rae

    i cannot tell if this thread is satire or not...
  2. to my understanding, nfts are just things for stupid rich people lol, they're useless (and apparently bad for the environment as well?) and when you "buy" one you're not really buying one, you're more so just buying the link to one. you could literally just screenshot it and say you bought it
  3. actually, carmen is a french name as well, i should know - my name is carmen, (named after my great grandmother who was from france!)
  4. i think after "he's a big believer in anything from the 70s" she says "said that lsd could be good for me" ?
  5. well, i mean, i think she probably does believe in that sort of thing.. her poem, tessa dipietro, for one. the rolling stone interview from 2014 where she visits a psychic, the numerous posts she's made about random psychics.. etc etc
  6. well .. i wouldn't doubt she has some degree of clairvoyance but i wouldn't say she's a full on psychic..
  7. uhauljoe

    Song vs. Song

    california vs freak
  8. florida kilos (rob grant's version) on the deluxe?
  9. #freemarinafrompussyriot2022
  10. damn who shit in your cornflakes... your hatefulness has an energy of its own
  11. june 21st, 1985. what an important day in history.
  12. and the award for the most incompetent label (and managers) goes to…
  13. this topic is pretty much dead but i just have to ask .. why are some of y'all so obsessed with whether lana is pregnant or not?... every time she does something i always see at least someone saying she's pregnant.. like..
  14. oh... wow. well on one hand, it's completely warranted that she's deleting her social medias - she already has a bad relationship with the media, and there are too many fans who are disrespectful and take advantage of the close relationship she has with her fans. which is also why i think we're all so sad about this, she has always had such a intimate relationship with fans. and nowadays, especially with covid, social media is one of the only ways to maintain that. but at the same time, it's probably good for her. the internet can be and often is a cruel place. i don't want to overanalyze or read too much into this, but i do think the video was off and she seemed distressed. it wouldn't surprise me if something else happened in her personal life that caused this - she kept saying things about "trust", and "keeping her circle closer", etc. - i just hope she's doing okay... i guess we'll just have to watch and wait for what will happen next.
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