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  1. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by lanasbottom in Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Pre-Release Thread: OUT March 19th, 2021   
    YES! i’ve BEEN saying that, she’s either gone bat shit crazy, like crack crazy and we know how that usually ends or she’s really done with fame this time and purposely sabotages her whole career to end it... the way she doesn’t care at all that so many people hate her now, she doesn’t care about losing fans (period), she doesn’t seem to care about her album or music in general (nfr tour showed that she obviously doesn’t like touring anymore either)...i don’t know if it’s all just a genius act for the album or if she’s just really not okay right now 
  2. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by SweetHenny in Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Pre-Release Thread: OUT March 19th, 2021   
    I think this bitch Violet is to blame, the hoe bended backwards over the grass for no reason and Lana suddenly decided to do nothing about everything. JAIL
  3. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by ArtDecoDelRey in Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Pre-Release Thread: OUT March 19th, 2021   
    anyone else think she's purposely trying to ruin her career with this era?
  4. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by BoardingSchool in Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Pre-Release Thread: OUT March 19th, 2021   
    Manifesting this because it is the most Lana thing imaginable. 
  5. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by past the bushes in Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Pre-Release Thread: OUT March 19th, 2021   
    I hate to admit it but "question for the culture: can you all go fuck yourselves?" is a pretty metal opening line 
  6. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by Lustformoney in Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Pre-Release Thread: OUT March 19th, 2021   
    The way we thought she has everything planned this time and now turns out its the worst era in her entire career
  7. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by Amadeus in Instagram Updates   
    ikr it's so infuriating.. like she literally wore her mask upside down once (by accident probably) and people were complaining.. yet here we are some months later i-
    would be the best visual this era so far and something we truly need
  8. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by MagdaleneRay in Random Lana Discussion   
    Those glorious art screenshots are fake, only the you guys are not real fans screenshot is real everything else that day wad faked by ppl tryna jump on the bandwagon
  9. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by plastiscguy in Random Lana Discussion   
    I think the issue might be, that Lana is a very influenceable person. She always seem to be changing her persona to fit in within her new social environment. Like when she became a baddie during the LFL era, or went full folk with NFR,  mostly wearing grandma clothes (No offense)
    And even if her personal life is none of our business, it is a little curious to notice. But also a little sad that she doesn't come across as a genuine person, since she's not only influenceable but also influences other people as she's famous. Ergo, most of her fans will see her as a role model and will try to be like her.
    But maybe that's just a part of her charm as Lana Del Rey. Not saying that she isn't true to herself or that Lizzy was her genuine self, but you know. People changes and maybe she likes to be a mysterious woman, an enigma.mp3 hard to decipher
  10. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by JehovahThikness in Random Lana Discussion   
    this hurts me the most <//3 before question of the culture i was that lana stan that would constantly be posting pictures of her on my ig story and recommending NFR to everyone because she's so beautiful, makes dope music, and during these times she was iconic and a lot less problematic. i was really proud of being a lana fan and showed this love the most compared to all the 7 years i'd spent stanning her. i feel like after NFR and maybe even LFL were released she was at a PEAK, being taken seriously more, etc. all of that has just went down the drain after question for the culture. no, it's not because of PC culture, but because she name-dropped black artists for no reason gave me a really bad taste in my mouth - especially as a POC myself - and is disregarding mask orders for ??? i thought she was gonna recover from question for the culture someday but the whole mask and book signing thing is a whole nother level of stupid in my opinion. idk i still love her music and can literally connect to venice bitch spiritually, but as for now unless she actually apologizes wholeheartedly it's gonna have to be just her music that i can pay attention to and stan. even violet bent backwards is amazing in my opinion and i think it's a work of art all on its own. i wish i can just overlook these things and it actually pains me because i used to really look up to her and admire her story to the point that i waited half a day just to meet her. i have high hopes for chemtrails but it just feels so different now.. (and does anyone notice that now that her era is switching from LA to Arkansas/Kansas/Alabama/Oklahoma she's acting more like a conservative Karen now )  i really think in 20 years she's gonna be a celebrity icon that a lot of people love but then get turned off by learning about their racist/pedophilic/sexist actions like basically all of the Beatles other than Starr, Jim Morrison, Morrisey, Nico, etc). It’s basically happening with her now
    sorry for this essay i'm like tipsy but i've just been thinking a lot about lana and her actions these past few days. 
  11. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by Amadeus in Random Lana Discussion   
    it’s not that i disagree but people are annoyed at her, and they’ve been annoyed at her for quite a while now. it’s not that her entire fanbase will abandon her but there is no need to downplay the effects of this because she’s literally been getting dragged for almost half a year straight and even before then she wasn’t among the most liked celebrites to begin with. people won’t let go of this wildly publicised bad image she has atm within a few weeks, like with the small fuckups that we’ve gotten during some interview in the past eras because she’s not only managed to upset different groups of people but also her own fans multiple times, people all over the place seriously dislike her for various reasons.
    i was talking about how her fans won’t be abled to fully embrace her bc it is embarrassing to even do that atm and theres little to win in embracing being a lana stan atm. it’s all manageable but lana lowkee lacks the motivation to do so? it took gaga a while to make everyone forget how disliked she was during the artpop era and it’s going to take a while for lana to convince others to see her as anything similar to how she was perceived let’s say last year. 
    if it was the option between people finding her ridiculous in 2012 and thinking she’s literally an inch away from publicly endorsing trump i’d choose a month long lana residency at SNL.
    it’s not just fuck ups this time, the entire perception of what and who lana del rey is has completely shifted and no it is definitely not just based on twitter and even if it was then.. ?! it’s literally the biggest place for pop culture atm and that is something lana is part of.
  12. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by new gods in Random Lana Discussion   
    why do i genuinely feel like lana wants people to dislike her now or to be forgotten... she obviously must’ve known name dropping people would bring a lot of attention to qftc she knows how celebrity/stan culture works i’m sure. now she’s wearing this fucking mask and again she’s smart.. i don’t think she’s that stupid to not know a mask with holes in it does nothing. and to top it all off she just let pretty much her entire fan base down by delaying cocc and still giving us no official date. maybe she got too comfortable with her casual poet life and is ready to leave the spotlight 
  13. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by suicideblonde in Random Lana Discussion   
    Lana albums as decades - 
    BTD- 1950’s 
    UV - 1960’s
    LFL - 1970’s
    NFR - 1960’s 
    COCC - based on aesthetics, 1950’s
    HM - timeless
  14. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by new gods in Random Lana Discussion   
    She truly has let this lifestyle that was crafted for her take over her entire life, idk if she’s rebelling against what she was forced to be by the industry but something seriously feels so off about her now. What @Fetish and @TRENCH said are spot on, she let so many people take advantage of her artistry which is quite sad.. During the BTD era she would say she’s a writer before she is anything else and I think that’s all she’s come to care about now and it’s proven with how she’s put her poetry before everything else. She is an extremely talented writer that’s for sure but has she really ever had a say in the production or anything else in her work, she said before that she just writes the songs then gives them to rick and he does the music, Ben hated her original NFR artwork and Im sure her label tainted LFL after honeymoon wasn’t successful with the GP. It seems she let so many people fuck her over and take advantage of her and she just keeps on letting it happen... She started out as a bleached blonde party girl from new york who sang in a high baby voice but the industry already had too many of those (gwen, britney, gaga) so they crafted her into this somber, pouty dark haired girl with an exotic name and they tried so fucking hard to erase who she truly was before she was Lana it’s ridiculous and thank god they failed tbh cause I think learning about who she was before all this makes her a far more interesting artist. Even from the start BTD started out as a fun pop album about the ups and downs of a relationship then Emile came along and did an absolute 180 overproducing the record and tainting her writing making it way more depressing than anything she probably wanted to do. It’s apparent she never cared about the visuals and touring for a project, she had all the money in the world and chose to make home videos on her laptop and performed in little pubs for the underground scene. All we can do is speculate but it makes me wonder about things like her saying she wishes she was dead even tho she genuinely seemed much more happy when she was Lizzy. 
  15. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by TRENCH in Random Lana Discussion   
    I truly believe moving to Cali full time was a mistake. yes we did get UV, honeymoon [my 2nd favorite album of all time] and LFL but her wanting to be like a blogger and being friends with those white ladies is where things began to go south. 
    @Fetish and @BlueINK wrote my thoughts more comprehensively. if she moves to the midwest or back to NYC for a bit maybe, just maybe, her spark of caring will come back for a bit.
    also notice how Dua- lipa and Ellie Goulding don't do the same things as she does? I know very well if they pulled stunts like this, ben and ed would be all up in their asses quickly. the music industry is petty and I know that some executives, even outside of interscope are watching her moves and are gonna question benny and eddy why is she doing all of this. Her LDR career is only 10 years old, but in todays society that's a century,  and people are more socially aware. If this was the 1960s-1990s no one would care about what she does, but everyone cares too much now. So unfortunately she needs to play the artist game generically [aka do run of the mill promo] just for a bit longer if she wants to keep receiving "artist of our generation" accolades.
    this right here. For BTD I would understand how she didn't fight for Emile not to fuck up her songs to be so electronic and have so many damn shouting samples because she was new to the game and the last thing you want to be is a new Artist with a great record deal being a stuck up in the studio. But for LFL? even before Love leaked and forced her to change the promo of the album the original concept of the album alike the Shangri La was great, idk what happened that she decided to go to Max Martin.
    on one side its easy for us to talk sht and Kiki, but at the end of the day we are just music consumers and only god knows what happens behind closed doors (Version 2) 
  16. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by partymonster in Random Lana Discussion   
    these are my exact thoughts. and i know it all changed in 2017 because i saw her live in london for the first time and it was objectively the worst concert i've ever been to, it was nothing of what i expected it to be and put me off her music until 2018
  17. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by daddyauerbach in Random Lana Discussion   
    I was thinking the same thing. For the past like three eras she has never given us a straight release date and never with explanation of why stuff doesn't come out when SHE says it will.  Im honestly not even excited about COCC anymore.
  18. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by BlueINK in Random Lana Discussion   
    Oh man I really need to get this off my chest now because I'm feeling a little down. When I compare 2012-15 to now... those who've been there since BTD will know the feeling we had when she released new music, new videos or when there was a new PopCandies video of her on YouTube, chatting to the paparazzi being so sweet and humble and also sort of mysterious. During the UV era she was controversial because of the dark things she said and I didn't mind it, those were just opinions. She was so cool and badass in 2014.
    But the kind of controversy she's creating now again and again is so much different. She's just a straight up asshole now, an ignorant and incosiderate asshole, completely full of herself. I love her art and music still but I wonder what happened to the person I admired so much from BTD-Honeymoon. It's kind of sad. When did that happen? She still seemed normal in 2016 and then suddenly from 2017 on her shows got so much worse, with her snapping at fans if they don't know the lyrics to her new songs while she herself isn't singing at all, mumbling at best. Shows and tours are being cancelled, every album roll-out is a complete disaster and yeah she's acting so entitled now. Idk I'm feeling very bad about all of that when I think of her first 4 years of fame...
  19. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by LemonadeHeavens in Random Lana Discussion   
    this is just my opinion and it's totally subjective, but i definitely feel like the "lizzy grant" era (2005-2009ish) was definitely her most geniune, or at least her most creative era. she wasn't famous, she was signed to an unknown indie label, the only publication that was promoting her was the dnjournal, and she performed at little music events around new york city, but i honestly feel like she was very happy with where she was, she was happy to create something that was special. i feel like that era gave us some of her most creative and evocative works.
    i do find myself wondering why she took the drastic turn from upbeat pop to dreary baroque pop in literally less than a year, and honestly i've never thought of the possibility that the people around her are stifling her creativity and she just doesn't care enough to stand up for herself, but it makes a lot of sense, just look at how the lust for life title track was botched, and you could say that for the entire album honestly. 
  20. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by BlueINK in Random Lana Discussion   
    I guess we all agree that she needs New York a lot more than she thinks, at least when it comes to being creative. I also think that the Lizzy Grant days were the days when she was really really feeling what she did and it wasn't about fame or sales. She made Mermaid Motel and Brite Lites and didn't care if they were weird or normal. She wasn't trying to be either, it was just about what was on her mind...
  21. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by RormanNockwell in Lana at her book signing at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA - October 2nd, 2020   
    Thanks for the info - makes sense. Still an ill-conceived idea to hold such an event but I, too, am tired of discussing it.
    Are you able to clarify what the December 10 comment was about? The video I saw begins with her saying that date, but it's not clear what it was in response to.
  22. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by ArtDecoDelRey in Lana at her book signing at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA - October 2nd, 2020   
    thinking about how cute her outfit would've been if she wore a proper mask
  23. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by daphnedinkley in Lana at her book signing at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA - October 2nd, 2020   
    this 10000%!! i literally got an F in biology back in school so i can't even imagine knowing ANYTHING about medical stuff, let alone being clever and well-studied enough to be a full blown nurse!!
  24. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by RormanNockwell in Lana at her book signing at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA - October 2nd, 2020   
    100%! Nurses are not lesser versions of doctors; they simply have different roles. Both are medical professionals so for anyone to act as if they know nothing because they're not doctors is embarrassing.
    Generally, nurses get paid less and work just as hard if not harder than doctors, so God bless and #fuckoff if you don't like the nurses.
  25. uhauljoe liked a post in a topic by fvck in Lana at her book signing at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA - October 2nd, 2020   
    “Please wear a mask. Just not, you know, this one.”
    *wears exact same mask in public and invites everyone in LA to join*

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