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  1. I feel like COCC is her most autumn album to date… the alternative cover represent it very well (don’t forget it was due October 2020)
  2. Lanaboards jamming to non-existent LDRX
  3. Loving the yodeling outro of the Cupcakke collab x
  4. You spoke nothing but FACTS miss thing! Immaculate taste too, preach
  5. I think it’s time to give Shanice a call
  6. Brace yourselves, the snippets phase has just begun
  7. She’s about to drop an Old Town Road sized hit.
  8. Scrappers are saying album is inside.
  9. I think we need beats at this point.
  10. I don’t know what to expect sonically from LDR9, I just hope her current man’s music had some sort of influence on her, just to switch the things up a bit.
  11. Why does this sound like something Lana would say?
  12. She just had her first magazine cover in a while and started talking about her next project, also her public appearances increased over the last weeks…they’re clearly gearing up to something, there’s no way this won’t come in the next 6 months or so… spring 2023 at the latest, I’d say
  13. Well scat usually means news coming soon, so
  14. Pat Grant is about to drop her first album?
  15. She’s on the cover of the All Out 2010s playlist on Spotify (7m followers), maybe her team is trying to warm the GP up for her big comeback (with a BTD photoshoot pic too)
  16. She recently captioned one of her Instagram post #IJustDon’tCareeeeeeee so maybe DNC really stands for Do Not Care
  17. Reviving this thread just to post this serve
  18. Opening an album with American Beauty and closing it with American Bullshit would be a concept, btw
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