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  1. tbh people here in brazil will queue months before a show, it's insane. I'm surprised no one was already queuing earlier
  2. she wasn't at copacabana beach earlier tho, she was at ipanema beach! edit: so happy to see her being happy here. everyone who got to see her tonight is so lucky
  3. yeah but I'm pretty sure he left already... he played here last weekend
  5. prettywhenimhigh


    didn't she also say she gave welcome to the opera to someone else?
  6. omg will watch it!! thank you
  7. when the first word she says is SYLVIA
  8. NO cinammon girl honestly I'm completely fine with it
  9. yeah I'd say the last performances of OTTR she looked so tired of it. as a fan for 11 years it was always one of the songs I pictured myself singing along with her the day I'd finally see her live. it saddens me because it's a long time dream but I also think I'd rather see her happy and doing another song she feels more excited to perform than seeing her not really caring much about it. which I understand, every artist has that song they're tired of
  10. I would die for the return of 13 beaches and get free it'll never happen
  11. omg I hope we'll get some luxurious waves look!!!
  12. well in the end I'll just eat up anything she'll do up on that stage. I will have to shove everything I've said about SYTH up my ass and sing along
  13. she barely performed DMD tho and it's an iconic song (at least it is imo since I'm also a lizzy stan). the ones that should definitely get the chop are blue jeans and BTD
  14. I'll try!! I can't promise anything because I'll probably forget my own name being in her presence
  15. oh no does she think we hate the 2021 albums? I hope not white dress, chemtrails and TJF would be so good live
  16. I can't believe no one asked her about peppers
  17. yassssssss I'm so ready to deliver all the energy contained in my body and soul to her. she deserves it!!! it's gonna be a memorable night
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