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  1. I actually really like Breaking Up Slowly but its structure feels unfinished(?), like it was an interlude instead of a full song, y'know
  2. Why is there so many ways to pronounce one word? I'm so lost. Ngl I'm almost glad my ear isn't totally used to English so her "our Kansas/Arkansas/whatever she's saying" isn't bothering me when I'm listening
  3. I've been a fan since like forever (I saw an article years ago about how much she had this Lana vibe, even though I don't particularly agree) and I was quite surprised she didn't have a thread here. Her songs and whole aesthetic are seriously amazing. I couldn't stop listening to the Archer when it came out.
  4. For real the wait is so painful it feels like the album's coming in 2030. Next time, I want her to really surprise drop her album, so we can have the best of an era without the worse (silence, waiting, weird political interviews, QftC10, three-year-old single, etc etc). I think we deserve it after all these years of lies.
  5. I dreamed I hated the For Free cover but then, an alternate version leaked and it was sooo beautiful, with incredible harmonies (Weyes' voice was to die for, kinda reminded me of Holocene with a tint of Freak bridge) and some reeaaally cool guitars I still have it in mind but it sucks I'm no musician and I have like 0 voice. So frustrating, I don't want to forget it
  6. Every time someone bumps the thread: I love Sky, I love her, she's amazing, I want to know everything about her
  7. Omg this cake is amazing, I want the same one for my birthday Also, the glass is so cool, really giving me that witchy medieval aesthetic Is that you in the picture? Looking gorgeous girl, beautiful hair and lashes!
  8. Since y'all are harassing @Eclipse for leaks, let's derail the discussion I always listen to singles because I'm weak (and I think it's logical to hear them since Lana decided to release them, so, well, hm, y'know ) but it's really magical to hear an album in full for the first time, without knowing what it sounds like. It only happened for Paradise, Ultraviolence and Honeymoon for me, but I wish I did the same with Lust for Life and NFR. Yes, songs don't have time to shine on their own, but it's like listening to a story. It's like diving into the unknown and losing yourself in the ocean. It makes you vibe with the whole atmosphere of the album way better than when you're expecting a song to come or its overall sound. Maybe this is madness but Lana's music puts me in a mood like no other artists can, and it's really special to be lost into the new sound of her albums I won't comment on watching a video without the sound tho. I'll never do that, it would spoil my imagery of the song
  9. I stumbled across this movie thanks to a fan made Lana music video and it was the best day of my life I'm just obsessed with the aesthetic. Elaine is one of the reason I let my hair grow (I still didn't cut it and in the end I think I won't ) and started wearing vintage. I don't know if Anna Biller has a project right now, but I can't wait for her next movie. I think I'll watch it again tonight to celebrate the thread
  10. Ok so today, I took a little trip with my friends and the gods kept sending me signs about COCC. There's still a chance I'm just obsessed and see COCC everywhere but I want to believe Jack did an amazing job with Lana and the album will be everything I could dream of.
  11. I've always thought it was He walks with fame and then He deals with fate I thought it was cool so I never questioned it until I saw the lyrics here Edit: the "with ribbons in knot" one blew my mind
  12. ... oh ok, so it's neither chance or drug I'm kinda sad, I thought chance was so cool.
  13. As a non-English native speaker with terrible comprehension skills, most of her lyrics are indecipherable for me. There's always that one lyric I can't understand but always manage to find some meaning to it even though it's nonsense (either in English or French ). First time I heard Get Free, I thought she was saying "out of the blah, into the moo" I don't have any explanation for that, it's just what I hear. In Ultraviolence: "We could go back to Woodstock where I don't know who you are" which I've always interpreted as "She wishes she had never met him" In COCC: "Me and my sister just pay with Nico" like she sold her cat to pay a debt I still don't know if she's saying "Chance is in my veins" or "Drug is in my veins" in FIILY. I think it's the latter but... eh?
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