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  1. So do I! Not only the song sounds like an invitation to follow her, but it also ends too abruptly to be the last track, in my mind. I hope there's another song after it, and if it doesn't, then I'll rearrange the tracklist
  2. I watched it again and I think I would have liked it better if there wasn't her siblings and friends in it. I don't know why, it's always making me uncomfortable when they appear in her stuff.
  3. I wasn't expecting much yet I'm a little disappointed. I thought we will get something like the BTD homemade videos, but it just looks like a holiday video (with moments we already saw) and it doesn't add much to the meaning of the song. Or maybe she wants to love her siblings and friends like a woman and hold them like a baby, whatever that means to her. I still think it's cute, and she's absolutely stunning in it. I wish I was this pretty without makeup. Edit : Just read @RormanNockwell post above mine, and it makes sense. I'm just dumb.
  4. I just thought the bobblehead term was a little strong Like the angle is weird, but it doesn't make her as weird as a bobblehead. But it does slightly. I don't know. But yes, thank God the song is good. I'll just forget this single cover.
  5. I thought it'll be bland and uninspiring considering most reviews But I love how straightforward the lyrics are, I love the production, I love her beautiful voice and I love how short it is. It's like a little jewel, perfectly crafted and full of emotions. She's absolutely perfect. If you think otherwise, I'm so sorry for your lack of taste.
  6. It's really the way the picture is cut, for me. It's too neatly done around the hair, and you can see a straight cut near her arm, which gives it a very strange/pointy lining at the shoulder. ( I'm doing a pretty bad job at that too, that's why I'm noticing ) Anyway, it really looks like some... bad collage? Plus, the angle gives her a slight bobblehead(?) appearance, which doesn't help with the whole awkward feeling I'm getting from it. Which is a shame because she's looking absolutely gorgeous. Her hair is beautiful and her face is perfection. Edit : I saw that people were criticizing the font, but I think it's really cute. It might be the thing I prefer on the cover.
  7. BLESSED WEEK. What did we do to deserve all these leaks? Is there a saint among us?
  8. I mean, we had someone telling us "something big will come this Friday" almost every week since Sept. 5th, so... You can't be mad at us for being eternal clowns. I'm sorry, you were right.
  9. Same. I guess we'll have to suffer in silence until midnight, reading that it's amazing and that it has a bridge.
  10. I blame @IanadeIrey, @CHANEL #1, @wild caged animal (on top of my head) for my disappointment. I knew it'll be hard to top their amazing work and concepts. Now, Lana, consider hiring one of your fans. Seriously.
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