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  1. That's one of the biggest reasons I don't really like the album cover. I don't know if these women are shady or not and I don't want Lana to be surrounded by fake friends that sell her stories. It's no secret that making genuine friends is hard as a celebrity, so I can't help but questioning their sincerity, even though they might be sweet and lovely ladies.
  2. I thought the same: the guy she's talking to gets annoyed because he doesn't believe in it and doesn't want to talk about it, when she's only doing it for fun.
  3. If we can trash her album cover, she can trash Katy Perry's album, that's fair in my opinion
  4. Hate the cover like you want but don't mock someone's appearance, it's just tasteless
  5. Not only that but if Lana was truly depressed and wished she was dead already, who were these people to police her thoughts? I've always thought it was despicable to tell her how she was supposed to feel and what she shouldn't say. My only guess is that people are taking mental health more seriously now than they did before, so Billie can sing about suicide without being stigmatized (I don't know if it's only around me/in France, but I've heard a lot that depressed people were faking it...)
  6. The back cover is really cool, I don't know why she didn't choose it. It gives such a strange and unsettling feeling which would have been perfect for a title like "Chemtrails over the Country Club". I don't know why but it makes me think of When We Were At War..., like some rich people throwing a party in a fallout shelter. So... I'll just turn back the album if I want to expose it.
  7. Is it the B&W cover you wanted to manifest or did the spell go wrong? Dear Lord, I feel bad for laughing but this is so messy. Like I went to bed litteraly crying of laughter yesterday lmao How did she manage to make the back look better? How is that even possible? And Dealer, the new Yosemite. I knew you wouldn't be there babe. Disappointed but not surprised. I hate her. Seriously, don't tease music for an album if you're not going to release it
  8. I'm just bored Plus, the thread would be dead if there wasn't any meltdown.
  9. I can't wait March to wash my hair and do the laundry. What is she waiting for?
  10. I'd love something like that too! Lana not posing in a vehicle but actually driving, as she's finally the master of her own fate ( ) and escaping her demons, represented by the tornado. That would be a serve. Also, the back kinda reminds me of the UV one, and that baby pink color is gorgeous.
  11. You joke that i'm rich and i am and it's exactly how you think Best lines The randomness is so Lana You never disappoint, @RormanNockwell Edit : and @99centlips (sorry I forgot you)
  12. Yeah but maybe she forgot she posted the picture without the watermark? Maybe she did lie. Who cares, honestly? Not saying it's pathetic but wasting your time dragging and attacking people on Twitter... We should just let this minor scandal die and move on seriously : the more stans are attacking this girl, the more it will be visible. And I don't think Lana needs another bad publicity.
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