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  1. You have any links to it? Thank you
  2. I like the way Lana thinks but I want her to stay far far far away from controversial, political or woke stuff in general. Girl has been through enough and so have I as her fan hahahah
  3. I noticed that too.. I wanted to think it maybe had something to do with how we may live in different areas but... it is wrong of them still.
  4. That's what is weird to me too. The worst part is that they did not even tell me that the Lana cards are cancel for me! I had to ask them myself why it is taking so long and they replied by telling me actually, we don't have any. Why not send an email out to everyone who ordered? Why do the customer have to reach out themself to find out it's not going to ever arrive? Not going to buy from her store again for these kinds of items. Seems all the stores had issues, all different issues, but still issues. German store/Bravado
  5. I think it is pretty obvious that the Canadian, French and German store signed cards are cancel. Very shameful! Especially the partial refund after all this waiting and time wasted.
  6. I'm not sure if I should go for a refund or wait. Makes no sense. It is still November, art card is suppose to ship early next month, but they are already telling you that you are suppose to have it by now? How does that make sense? Exactly.. so then how long are you going to wait?
  7. I'm mixed up now.. I'll include a response from the German store. So, some are cancel and some are still going to be shipped? And your situation is confusing too because your card is suppose to ship out starting in start of December, therefore why should have the card reached you already?
  8. Text Book 88 Black Bathing Suit 55 If You Lie Down with Me 40 Dealer 28 Thunder 8
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