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  1. ThirteenthBeach

    Song vs. Song

    Shades of cool vs. Yes to heaven
  2. UPDATE: turns out the song title is actually "This year's girl" which is an alternate title for UFB (Unidentified Flying Bill), which i believe is from 2013... anyways...
  3. i found a Lana song under the title "This year's love" on YouTube a little while ago.. it sounds very real however i can't find any information on it... the clip is only 5 seconds long. the lyrics sound like: '[...] make it, but at least we've got the night.' theres some very simple guitars in the background and it's a swooping note... i was just wondering if anyone had any more information on this song or what it might be
  4. OK... 50s housewife lofi jazz... storyline of a husband cheating on his wife with a younger mistress... Wife slowly gets more frustrated as the album progressing and the final song involves the wife driving off into the sun with the husband's body in the back of her car... So like "fake" happy 50s jazz dark housewife vibes that makes no sense but heres some inspo:
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