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  1. God I… Valley of the Dolls/Rock Candy Sweet/There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard
  2. California may have been part of LFL at some point too as it was registered between Coachella and WTWWAWWKD 👀
  3. Will she finally release her unleaked masterpiece Rosary Bead Choir
  4. While she has lied about release dates multiple times has she missed an announcement date before?
  5. Literally one of her worst songs. Scrapped 500 times for a reason
  6. Can ppl come up with a different song she “reworks” for once 💀
  7. The rush of dopamine I got when she said she’s announcing on the 7th
  8. shadesofcrazyforyou


    There were vocal outtakes of her shushing Jack. She performed them live
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