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  1. Ok I just listened to it and obvi she sounds great. But one thing I really miss from her is her vocal layering. Not a critique, just a dream
  2. I just realized something. Hold on to your wigs: Chemtrails over the Country Club ⬇️ Cumtrails over the Country Club ⬇️ Skeettrails over the Country Club ⬇️ Skeeter Davis cover on AS&C album confirmed I’m your manifesting
  3. Thanks bb Usually I’m quick to jump on things (even if they’re snippets!) but I’m going to *try* to hold back for the HQ song...esp if there’s annoying ass talking in the background
  4. I am not feeling those 80s angry rapist dad glasses on lil jenny Otherwise they cute
  5. I’ve got quite a few friends who are at the baby making point in their lives and while I personally don’t want kiddos I would never make them clean their own puke. That being said I would not clean it myself, so 3rd party company it is!
  6. Blue Velvet who? I always forget about her. Would trade her ever being released for these juicy UFB snippets we’ve been hearing lately
  7. conceptart47

    Song vs. Song

    Paradise vs Serial Killer
  8. Fuck she is stunning. I want to Thanksgiving with her. 🦃
  9. WBK sis changes her mind all the time. But if I had a solid guess about what’s happening is that her new appearance will grace the American Standards & Classics visual album. Meaning visuals for COCC would be either fully complete, filmed but not post-processed or she’d dye her hair back if she wanted to record more MVs. And that’s all the delulu tea I have for today. Thank u and good nite
  10. conceptart47

    Miley Cyrus

    I never want to listen to Bad Karma again. Ick. The first half had a lot of Bangerz (heheh) but after hearing them the first time around I thought they all sounded the same. Oops. About to start my second go-around so we’ll see how I feel after that.
  11. Well she did say Chemtrails was done so maybe she she’s moving onto another aesthetic for another project, maybe for the cover of the American classics record? But then again she had blonde hair for the summertimegershwin.mov video so doesn’t that mean she would have two aesthetics if my theory is right? We’re probably just overthinking this like usual. She probably just wanted a change.mp3 and spontaneously went to the salon. Whew the way I bummed myself out in one post.
  12. Sheridan’s response: 4 days, 3 midnights 🎃👻
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