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  1. Today is a big deadline day at work but sending all my positive thoughts to us all ladies!! READY TO EAT Announcement incoming hoes Get your bibs on!!!
  2. I think someone said this earlier but doesn’t Eclipse get a heads up mid-week aka tomorrow (or today depending on your part of the world)? Buckle up ladies
  3. Tomorrow Never Came. Still hate Sean’s voice but I enjoy the melody and think it’s cute in conceptart47 concept
  4. Can’t wait for the moment we go from confusion to enlightenment after hearing the record
  5. Oh God I miss you on my lips It’s me your little igloo bitch Anchorage with the neighborhood gays Making babies with my Clay
  6. Isn’t Madison the gal who was given the song Tiddiez on my miiiind All the time are bouncing beautifully
  7. Ooohh interesting. Does Spotify give you similar stats @Nikogo? I bet I’m in the 900 range
  8. Yeah I don’t get the whole tagging Clay on p0rn clips, but would I subscribe to his hypothetical Onlyfans? Hell yeah white dress in 3 days hoes
  9. Between this and the recent “I broke my dad’s laptop” move I feel scammed, bamboozled, led astray!
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