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  1. i have VERY high hopes for tomorrow im not gonna lie. let’s get it!!
  2. I wonder if the people in her lash place even knew what Violets was.. like they probably knew her music but poetry album? Maybe not..
  3. Also idk if we discussed this image but kinda convinced we’re not getting an interview cover just based on this post https://www.instagram.com/p/Ccfo2zjr4SS/?igshid=NjY2NjE5MzQ=
  4. I won’t lie and say it’s (violets) in my top ten Lana projects. HOWEVER it’s cute and deserving of love so im gonna support her❤️
  5. that man is so hot i need him in a photo set with her. ik he’s the editor but we need it to happen
  6. I'm obsessed with the visuals of the videos, everything Twigs' does is so perfect. Everything about them all is just so well done, and you can tell some serious thought went into every aspect of this project. I wish they were a little bit longer but I think that these videos exist to extend the imagery of the songs, like a visual explainer/taster, so I understand the decision to cut most of them short. I can't get over the styling in every video tho like.. come on. How do they all have their own distinct vibe and distinct styling? It's insane! She's truly an artistic powerhouse.
  7. The papi bones MV is soooo good but why did it have to end just as the best part of the song started..
  8. I have missed you so much omg.. Also wait I just googled it and it came up with "Camino del Norte".. maybe she had a dyslexic moment and got the letters the wrong way round
  9. this is making me giggle so much.. like we’re just zoo animals in an enclosure, dancing for peanuts……
  10. if they’re still recording in the studio what’s tea how do you know anything
  11. No! they’re absolutely right. NFR! has some of the most addictive, gorgeous melodies. the production and sound engineering has something off about it. it sounds like everything’s compressed, and it makes it really hard to fall in love with the album as a whole even when individual songs sound amazing. this is obviously just my opinion but for real the NFR production ruins the album, if you don’t have expensive sound equipment then you won’t enjoy the experience as much as you can with the rest of her albums imo.
  12. tbh i don’t think this is a mastering issue, she just had her bass all the way up in her car
  13. Isn’t it just her saying “mm” or something?😭😭 Just realised he produced the worst songs on BB maybe we’re not excited
  14. lustforlife banned but now ur back oh hell NO
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