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  1. i don't think there's a studio version but it is officially uploaded to spotify in some countries in decent quality if you're looking for that/were unaware: https://open.spotify.com/track/5NIvNlH4kR1TbgkvPtwC5l?si=l6PmFnecSpSM4CJpczoVDg
  2. omg this is actually so cute i can't wait for jack to water it down and soak it in reverb until it's a husk of its former self<3
  3. the dancer parts were cute with like the weather looking kind of frosty where you can see your breath, it fit the song/vibe perfectly but other than that yup i agree
  4. Jack's production relies on weird vocal layerings and intense reverb and it's tired by now. If COCC is the same as NFR (which I fully expect it to be since she refers to it as NFR's younger sister), I really, really hope she finds a new producer. Jack's production feels super pretentious and idk why everyone hypes it up like do people really like him that much I'm not seein it.. I love all of these songs for their melodies. Lana is the queen of melody but the production ruins a lot of the music for me. pls VB felt better than the video like that video was so badly put together, her worst home-made video by far. I loved the VB video ngl but this one made me cringe
  5. I don't think these two contradict each other at all. She's even saying how she's not forcing him to follow him out of LA ("I think I'd manage"), and I interpret the "I need you to come/want you to come" as her telling him she wants him to come but she'll manage without, and her inner dialogue saying she needs him but she's not going to pressure him. It's quite a comforting song imo, she's in love with him and needs him but she won't pressure him or force him to do anything. BTD era would have her singing about how she'd literally die without him and she needs him to stay with her, now she's feeling the same but she doesn't tell him that because she's loving him like a woman, not a young girl.
  6. omg imagine if lana covered everything is free for COCC, I'd be down with that FJM collab Also, the suburbs by arcade fire is something I'd love Lana to cover (I'm on a FJM binge but still she'd serve with those two on COCC, The Suburbs lyrically giving me the vibe of how COCC would sound with impending doom in a perfect life)
  7. pretty when you cry is like her simplest song lyrically but also one of her songs with most depth idk how to explain it but it just hits me every single time
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