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  1. Need this to leak within the next 2 hours as I'm about to go on a coach with my younger siblings and it would be hell if I didn't have a new album to listen to. The last time I got on a coach solar power leaked maybe it was a sign
  2. The new beautifulcearly mix snippet is fake it's from her tour covering don't know how to keep loving you with Julia Jacklin
  3. I have 2 phones so it's all good It's some more random shit
  4. The download just had loads of anime sounding songs ?
  5. Just search the certain word by itself in the certain website
  6. Can someone leak this album like now! pretty please?
  7. Dance till we die should of been scrapped and she should of made a new song with the bridge. The song is soo boring
  8. I need a song that sounds like wait for life on this album it would fit so well with wildflower wildfire ?
  9. Definitely feels like a cute lfl outtake. If it's not from BB leakers better leak it soon I beg or give us UFB
  10. How to disappear hits differently now
  11. It's weird she couldn't wait a month for the album to be out before deactivating what's she going to say on the album?
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