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  1. The way boz has made us forget that the album will probably leak today
  2. Ok ok looking back at Neilkrugs Insta posts… all the images with the album artwork shoot have the DYKTTATUOB written in the caption BUT all “DNC” images of ocean waves and flowers only have LDR9 written as the caption, these images are also tonally completely different to the tunnel shoot. I’m sticking to my two albums delululu and that they’ve played a long game
  3. The Neilkrug post and off brand excitement and shock from boz has me delulu that we’re getting a different surprise album tonight before tunnel in two weeks
  4. When talking about the contents of the leaked songs, please use spoilers
  5. Not sure if it’s old but there’s a link for a private youtube video in her Insta bio? edit… after some digging on Twitter I see now it’s old news lol
  6. It’s been said a million times but a double album self titled Lana Del Rey with new music and the other side being rerelease of AKA Lizzy Grant would just be wildly iconic and it needs to be manifested
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