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  1. i've decided that i won't listen to white dress until the album is out, if she puts it out before the album, that is. considering the album only has 11 songs, i want to be as surprised as i can
  2. i just listened to the song for the first time and oh. my. god. the second verse gave me so many lizzy vibes vocal-wise i couldn’t handle it. the last chorus made transcend, ascend, all of the scends the drums in the end though omg... i smell a transition
  3. HOLD AWN DID IT LEAK- gays really couldn’t wait for a few hours... damn
  4. can someone add the new logos on this i'm trying to see something
  5. the cover grew on me. it's cute, definitely a major downgrade from the others, her worst cover to date, but it's still cute. the meltdowns are understandable. am i hoping for a UO exclusive cover? yes. am i hoping for different covers for physical copies? yes. but am i going to change the cover art when i put the album in my library? no.
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