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  1. Honey get your headphones checked, something’s wrong here for sure
  2. I haven’t done a cartwheel, since I was nine You beat me to it
  3. So many people hating the Judah interlude and skipping it on reactions… I am personally very anti-religion and all the church stuff, but the interlude wasn’t at all as bad as I expected. The production makes it very eerie, it sounds like a movie scene, and what he’s saying isn’t that bad as well - if you take out the whole “god and bible” aspect of it - he’s talking about trying to live a better life, live in the moment, appreciate things around himself and not chase after more materialistic things. and the ending is very reflective of the album itself - Lana’s preaching is not about us, it’s about her. The interlude is a key part of understanding this album and people who’re skipping it are missing out, I said what I said
  4. Whoever called Fishtails cheap sounding, get your ears checked, instant Lana classic
  5. Y’all what is happening in this thread Go stream The Grants instead of spamming
  6. I think the theme, beyond family, is just being happy and not caring No thoughts, just vibes
  7. Did I miss something what the hell is screamo why is everyone talking about it
  8. Does that pastor in the interlude say “without gays” or am I tripping? What is the context
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