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  1. I might be mistaken but Eclipse usually gets his confirmation when the song is uploaded to YT, which happens the day before or even a bit later (LMLYLAW, Summertime, COTCC)
  2. why tho, I think it's pretty good, definitely better than both front covers
  3. Please tell me y'all aren't actually believing Darla. She's been a troll for YEARS
  4. Omg and Eclipse also said she's singing in her Stargirl voice Collapse of the century
  5. Y'all are setting yourselves up for disappointment with that Feb.26th date
  6. Interesting, never noticed it in any of these Maybe I'm just deaf
  7. The real question is did it even make it to the Bubbling Under
  8. Lmao the promo that Interscope does on tiktok is just Like what the hell
  9. Corona

    Instagram Updates

    Not sure this is the thread for this, but why is no one talking about Chuck's last post, it seems like an obvious White Dress tease so what am I missing? Upd: it's a pic from 2017, apologies
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