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  1. the way this won't happen and we will be like "she's retiring"
  2. I just know I remember my friends asking about it at 12pm and me saying it was only coming at 5am. It wasn’t on my Spotify till that time
  3. It was out at 5am or 7am in Portugal so I think they’re right
  4. Oh she knows. Her favorite user is (was to be more specific) DeluluKing. She said that to me. My leaker era.
  5. I heard that they got chlamydia from reading lfl posts but they are recovering now. At least that’s what someone was saying
  6. bitches, and this is called “Dissociative Identity Disorder”
  7. The way this was thought and planned for a long time (me thinks). Stepping out of social media right after releasing Arcadia (which talks exactly about that: the hate; the way media constructed a degenerative version of Lana that is not true to what she really is; the needing of leaving LA with the goal to live properly; Arcadia being this whole new utopian world where she’ll finally feel free) was always her plan. She just said to us that this song was about the journey, the part of finding herself and it really is! I’m so sure Arcadia (the place she mention in that utopian way) is where she finally is now! Textbook and Wildflower Wildfire are obviously the way things were, her past! This album is turning to be the most revealing and true to her soul piece of her discography. Everything makes sense now. Arcadia is a metaphor for the life without fame she wanted for so long
  8. Can I say that this album is, for sure, perfect for the fall season? I know is not fall yet but the energy of it already came to Portugal (the days are shorter, the weather is getting colder) and this album is already fitting the vibe so much! it would be amazing to have this released really on September 5th
  9. I won’t be able to go through this album. I feel like this project is really a turning point in her whole career and persona! Sweet Carolina (as I said earlier) will be the answer to all of our questions, I’m sure of that.
  10. gsnlp

    Instagram Updates

    I can not take this
  11. gsnlp

    Instagram Updates

    Watch her not deactivating shit
  12. gsnlp

    Instagram Updates

    And just like that, she’s gone
  13. gsnlp

    Instagram Updates

    I’m so fucking nervous about this When is she deactivating?
  14. Also, I feel like Sweet Carolina will destroy me
  15. gsnlp

    Instagram Updates

    What if she’s only deleting the apps and keeping her socials up but ghostly?
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