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  1. bitch though she was posting it on her spam account lmao
  2. she just changed the name from Lasso to Pussy
  3. bitch, finish the mf sentences. don’t say random shit like “oh god” or “oh jeez” like be fucking honest about it. but i still love you tho
  4. wait… the fuck is this? https://x.com/picsart/status/1798007178885992668?s=46
  5. bitches it’s going to rain a lot i don’t know what i am going to do with my outfit
  6. guys, i dreamt Lana had 5 songs with Quavo and that she was going to drop all at once
  7. you are underestimating Lana, guys i still think it’s coming but don’t act like she can’t change her mind in a sec
  8. which means the exact same thing when it comes to Lana
  9. she’s reworking the country elements to trap elements and changing the name from “Lasso” to “Hand Cuffs”
  10. she’ll announce the album and the lead single today
  11. bitch is blonde again check her insta
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