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  1. Btw, has anyone noticed the tiny squeak sound in their right earphone during lmlylaw?? It plays at 1:47 after the line 'I guess I could manage if you stay' (sorry, if ap, I only discovered it just now) I checked the official video, the audio vid, the song on Apple Music, they all have it
  2. The bits and pieces from the mojo interview I looked at finally made me exited for the album. Can't wait to hear what she sings in DBJAG That said, the title track and LMLYLAW are both still unlistenable to me
  3. cellophane

    Taylor Swift

    Fearless (Taylor's Version) coming soon, Love Story (Taylor's Version) coming tonight https://www.instagram.com/p/CLJzk9MjcCe/ Looks like it's coming April 9 - there are capitalised letters in her message
  4. cellophane

    Taylor Swift

    Sis has an announcement to make Also:
  5. cellophane

    Miley Cyrus

    Sis released new limited tailgate tshirts on her US store....160$ each....like, no ma'am. They're hella dope, yes, but there's just no way
  6. First new sky songs I've listened to since DL in 2019. Cute but there's no way it took 5+ years to create them. especially if all she has to do is record vocals lol Did anyone else expect the Umbrella (by Rih) chorus to start playing because of the way she sings 'because' in IPFR? I got that feeling immediately
  7. cellophane

    Miley Cyrus

    Damn this slaps, loving the vibe
  8. I'm gone... yet another kindness brand deal I hope I'll find this on amazon uk
  9. Not feeling any rush to order anything yet this time around. The spotify vinyl seems intriguing even though I don't really like the cover lol I usually just try to buy the most exclusive variant and keep on moving. Might sit this one out
  10. Pretty nice video and song. Sis was Levitating.mp3 Also, listened to this interview, it was very interesting, she talked about her life growing up, fave artists, the RP fan hate, some Magdalene stuff and the SL abuse https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p091pg54
  11. Gaga singing NA at the inauguration...now that's a QUEEN moment
  12. Another Round/Druk (2020) A very good movie
  13. I swear it sounded like she said '...man, did I struggle to become the *ginuwine* singer-songwriter that I am...' She almost always sounds like she cried 10 mins before hitting the record button when she's defending herself Love the hair though
  14. I'd so love to be in the room when she decides to go off like this, I can't imagine the energy That said, the rolling stone mention
  15. The closest she'll be to my country since 2013... still hope it's virtual, my country literally has curfew til the 7th
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