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  1. Thoughts on this? https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/lady-gaga-richard-richy-jackson-choreographer-dancers-1386175/ Maybe she'll finally get rid of her rat choreographer
  2. cellophane

    Charli XCX

    Pop 2, Crash and HIFN is her holy trinity. N1A comes close I relistened to Charli in full yesterday and the middle is so boring, starts off so strong then just dips
  3. Text You Pictures is a BOP Heiress is cute too
  4. Just had my first official listen (it's out here already) and I gotta say
  5. cellophane


    Just finished the first full listen and wow oh wow. She really did THAT. This is really a body of work, I'm truly impressed. Lyrically, vocally and production-wise it's all very strong. The only pity I feel is that none of the tracks hit as hard as Experiment On Me, but aside from that it is amazing. I did keep expecting The Lighthouse to end with an explosion of guitars but it's amazing anyways And of course have to mention the perfect cover, it's so perfect Really loving the direction she took with everything Btw: does anyone know if the movie will available for streaming/online purchase?
  6. cellophane


    It kinda feels like there is no hype for the album. I get that she was pregnant/gave birth recently but surely something could've been prerecorded. The small hype from the album/movie announcement came and went and now there's nothing lol
  7. cellophane


    "My cheeks in high colour, overripe peaches"
  8. cellophane


    So, I just finished the first full listen and... yeah It's a cute record, very nice vocals, but not what I was expecting based on the many descriptions we saw earlier Here are some quick thoughts I had during the first listen: Secrets from a girl - serving P!nk's Catch 22's airline part The man with the axe - I didn't quite understand who's she's singing to/about - her boyfriend? but then there's that bit about someone w/ lashes and t-shirts who would overtake her...idk (Very sorry to say this and I don't mean any hate, but) Some of the songs are very much lite-NFR - Big Star and Leader of the new regime. I can definitely imagine Lana singing these and actually being on that record Why is she doing so many high vocals Mood swing - could've been more lyrical during the first chorus, there's a lot of empty space and the instrumental is not that exciting Helen of troy - very cute, better than some of the standard tracks Hold no grudge - literally serving Xtina's Genie in the bottle at the beginning and during the verses The melody and vocal performance of Dominoes gave me some Joni Mitchell's Carey vibes Fallen fruit - definitely interesting, though I have no idea what's she's singing about and I paid attention So, fave tracks (for now): Wild at heart (even though I don't like the vocal production (?) during the choruses - they feel very distant), Mood swing (kind of), California Also, I really like the animated cover on Apple Music, it's cute
  9. cellophane

    Charli XCX

    Why did she feel compelled to announce the album 6 months before the release date... it's like she's asking for it to leak
  10. cellophane

    Billie Eilish

    I agree! These tracks definitely gave me Frank album vibes. Would love for her to do something jazzy in the future.
  11. I Get A Kick Out Of You - the 1st single from Love For Sale (out Oct 1st) out now!
  12. cellophane

    Billie Eilish

    Just finished the first listen, here are some thoughts: - overall, my feeling for most of the album is kinda...eh... it is how I expected it to be - all over the place - kinda inconsistent at some places e.g. BBN (song about wanting to do things to someone) -> my future (song about being single, fine and looking forward to the future) -> OT (song about wanting to do things to someone) - production wise, it's an excellent record, even though I hate finneas he knows how to produce and uses every possible trick and pizzaz - the second part of the title track is the single greatest moment in her discography so far - male fantasy is excellent, I could use another run after the final 'you' to really bring it home - goldwing and not my responsibility could've been cut - kinda wish she would actually sing instead do these half-asleep vocals - the piano in Halley's Comet could've been blended in, instead it just feels stitched near the end that's about all I can think of at the moment
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