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  1. in short, the song is added to some playlist on Apple Music and it is said in some spotify podcast that it comes out tomorrow but we are just waiting to see
  2. Should i consult my tarot and see if this shit really dropping tonight appoint me the next twitter witch
  3. Okay soooo gurlies if it DOES come out tonight (which i pray it does) how many hours left approximately help a dumb bitch do his math plz
  4. This whole situation is Not All Who Wander Are Lost team delulu till nothing drops CRUCIFY ME
  5. It shows up for me and it's not Friday yet where i live WE ARE WINNING
  6. Contemplating the white dress release under the sites connected to itunes or sth like that
  7. i never got the hate that LFL gets it's such a cute album for me. I honestly think if it was divided into two separate records it would have been so much more appreciated
  8. Guys i think i have covid and i NEED white dress like right now to keep me saneeeee
  9. I'm currently listening to AKA and idk i wouldn't be mad if COCC has similar sound i also remembered how she said she was going to re-release it countless losses
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