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  1. I thought about this for a while but sometimes I feel like all the drama is part of the way she promotes her music. I'm not saying this in any shady way I fucking love her (obviously or I wouldn't be here) but every time she drops an album there is always so much controversy leading up to it. Maybe sharing her music with the world is actually very hard for her and she's been misunderstood for so long and she feels like she always has to fight back but I can't help but feel like it's... not calculated, it's the wrong word, but there's clearly a pattern.
  2. WHAT THE FUCK im so excited!!!!! didn't expect this today GOOD GOD. I really really really really (really) want a track by track review. ANYONE UP FOR TO TASK ? Also, if UV is my fav album, will I be in love with this one? THE HYPE IS FUCKING REAL YALL
  3. meaning If You Lay Down With Me ? Is it upbeat or like slow sexy ? guitar driven a la sad girl/PWIC vibes ?
  4. i've been reading this thread the entire day while working and holy shit I'M SO READY FOR THIS ALBUM TO DROP AND KILL ME dealer sounds like a fever dream can't wait to hear it also can't believe Thunder, LL and Nectar are on it UV 2.0 INCOMING IMMA PASS OUT
  5. can someone ask the insiders if I Talk To Jesus is part of the album ? if it is im afraid this album will KILL ME.
  6. imyourman


    I truly hope so even tho i kinda enjoyed SP, i ADORE Stoned, and Mood is also very strong for my taste personally. Love the Jewel/Natasha Bedingfield vibes.
  7. imyourman


    MOOD RING IS SO CUTE !!!! Why did she chose SP over this for the lead single will always be a fucking mystery to me lol! Also the wig is iconic lol! Excited for the album friday!
  8. thank youuuuuu i'm so excited to talk shit with you all
  9. yooooo guys i'm new here but i've been stalking following this blog since NFR and I LOVE all the chaotic energy that's been going on. it's a fucking mess seriously and i'm living for it. she's very hard to stan sometimes with all the fake dates and QFTC but you guys are always making me laugh so much. it's so dead in here so I thought I would finally join and say hi. p.s can this pre-released be more... weird ? like where is she ?
  10. imyourman


    even tho i'm not the biggest fan of the singles i still have faith that she will pull through and deliver a heart-wrenching album. i wasn't even that excited for Melo with the singles and it's now one of my favourite album of all time. LET'S PRAY LADIES AND GAYS LET'S PRAY
  11. imyourman


    on the spot i was fucking mad cause it was an acoustic song yet again but every time i play it i fall more and more in love with it. it's such a beautiful song lyrically & melodically, it's a big leap forward if you compare it to SP in my opinion.
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