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  1. I have a feeling you might be correct and I don't like it at all. She should be workin' w/ Kendrick Lamar. That'd take her out of her comfort zone, which is exactly what she needs at this point in her career or it's gonna be downhill from here.
  2. Queen of the garden center and making ice tea, it's really shocking!
  3. Now I'm scared about the record. It's either gonna be ground-breaking or a disaster. She's coming through as if she's scared as well. And that's the real reason why we have a delay.
  4. Wow, you guys. A thousand pages about nothing, totally my kind of people. Hi there everybody!
  5. Did anybody ever notice that searching Amazon for "Chemtrails over the Country Club" redirects to "Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass"? This doesn't happen on its own, it has to be set up in the database. And the reason for this might be that this time everybody was instructed to keep a tight lid on the surprise release happening "soon"!
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