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  1. Guys, it's all about the vibe! Who cares about lyrics or production? I don't think she'll make new music in a while, so my bet for the future is Free Styles pt II. And limited editions of whatever she has.
  2. I like Priceless too. Trouble and Tarantino are not bad. It's OK overall, but I would have split it into two EPs (and throw one away)
  3. I know, I was being sarcastic. She doesn't give a fuck about quality, so I wouldn't be surprised if she ripped them from YouTube. I still got a little hope in Anarchy. Or curiosity. It can't be that bad, can it?
  4. Where's the problem? 192 kpbs is fine, and her assistant will make the artwork. Then she'll get money!
  5. I actually like Reincarnation a little bit better. But I guess it had less impact (I mean none) She has the rights to the WeRNeon releases, doesn't she?
  6. I don't think it ever will. Unless she uploads them to Soundcloud on a breakdown. Also, she has sold 92 Anarchy vinyls. If she still wants to make one for Reincarnation, she should consider pricing it reasonably instead of milking her stans.
  7. Yeah... When was Light Touch coming out?
  8. Good to know, the page is a mess: yesterday there were 500 copies, now 100; the artwork disappeared (for good tho); and didn't the pre-orders end weeks ago? I'm thinking of cancelling mine, honestly. It's not gonna be worth the money.
  9. You just made me remember the vlogs and the tour bus and the plastic grapes on her head and now I'm sad. She seemed so authentic and enthusiastic. Kinda painful to see what she's come to.
  10. No need to worry, now they're gonna make 500. We can forget about the numbering.
  11. I think she's at a point of no return. The day Trees and No Angels leak, we can pack our stuff and leave. She's not making new songs (is she?) and the ones she's put out lately are not very good. She still got a few stans which is great, but good luck making a living out of them. Anyway, I hope she does well in her personal life.
  12. We want to hear her music and buy merchandise as long as it's good.
  13. Indeed. Remember when we said Downtown was bad? Lol
  14. I sort of enjoyed it. Triumph and Soundcheck are cool. Dangerous is OK. The others are there. But not bad for what it is.
  15. She uploaded a snippet of Una Locura and it's not very good
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