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  1. The way every song is stuck in my head. It's like there is a constant medley in my mind.
  2. I can't say this album is my favorite but it continues to grow on me.
  3. Listening to it on repeat and it's such a gem. It's quite cohesive and I don't think there are any major weak spots.
  4. I can't. Just saw her instastory and post. She is WILD. Time to be on the delulu train again
  5. I can't believe I managed to hold off so long. First impressions: White dress is so lovely. Cant wait to listen to it some more Outro of Chemtrails. TJF is hot. The voices in the back are just the best. Let me love you sounds much better Wild at Heart: Sweet Dark But Just A Game: That was different. Slightly chaotic but nice. Not all who wander: Cute. might have to listen some more to get into it. (whose voice was that by the way?) Yosemite: Not what I expected too but a pleasant surprise. Breaking up: Fits this album perfectly Dance till we die: Has some elements from Norman but still very much COCC related. I want a whole song with the bridge's energy. For free: Solid closer but ending was a bit abrupt As some others have said, I wish this were longer. But I guess I'll have to keep listening to it.
  6. She looks great. The video has a very different vibe from what we usually get but I quite enjoyed it.
  7. The more I listen to it, the more I feel like it has some "classic" quality to it. It's like a song you could hear on the radio years from now. It's also giving me vibes of a certain artist... I'm inclined to say Springsteen but one of his contemporaries would be more accurate.
  8. What can I say? It's cute, and somewhat intimate like an auto-generated compilation of videos from a family trip. I feel like this album will be rather personal.
  9. Ooooo. It's growing on me and I actually quite like the instrumentation.
  10. This song is actually BRILLIANT. I don't know why but I love it so much.
  11. Interesting production right there. I like it so far but I'm hoping for more from her other songs. I don't think it's that similar to her other NFR songs but it could serve as a good bridge between the two eras.
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