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  1. Is anyone really intrigued by White Hot Forever (if it is a track on its own) because it was supposed to be the title track? Like how MTWBT was the former title of Honeymoon
  2. What can I say? It's cute, and somewhat intimate like an auto-generated compilation of videos from a family trip. I feel like this album will be rather personal.
  3. Ooooo. It's growing on me and I actually quite like the instrumentation.
  4. Fans won't let her rest hahaha. It's not my favorite but I'm sure that Chemtrails will give us some gems as usual. She has never let me down before so I have faith in her.
  5. This song is actually BRILLIANT. I don't know why but I love it so much.
  6. Interesting production right there. I like it so far but I'm hoping for more from her other songs. I don't think it's that similar to her other NFR songs but it could serve as a good bridge between the two eras.
  7. I woke up with a strong feeling something COCC related was coming and then I saw those posts and the tentative date. I guess I'm signing off after all. (But I'll probably still check this forum every now and then)
  8. Hahahaha. They could also be about him but I'm just not so sure about the timeline of their relationship. Did they already break up by the time she worked on that album?
  9. Her breakup songs from Honeymoon are pretty sad (The Blackest Day, Terrence Loves You). I guess that breakup (with Barrie I presume) hit her really badly.
  10. It's not always the case, but sometimes her official channel reuploads videos while the non-official ones have been up for longer. Perhaps, some viewers also prefer hearing her songs with a visual element even though some of the films people use for their fanmade videos really don't match the songs.
  11. Now that Violet is (almost) completely out I feel like the proper rollout is just right around the corner. Excluding the Elyanna one, we also have a bunch of confirmed/potential shoots like the COCC music video, the one in the fancy house, and the Birds inspired shoot. Perhaps someone could make a quick recap of all the shoots that have happened.
  12. WTF I was not expecting this to happen. Byron you sneaky guy. I am resisting the urge to listen until we get the full song
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