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  1. I want this album now, can October please come already
  2. she blessed you i claimed track 6...it better serve
  3. this! besides hating unreleased songs, Jared probably hates DTWD too, he's just tasteless
  4. no one's going anywhere
  5. no words. just pain she should just use her LB account from now on tbh
  6. i knew she was fucking coming someday congrats AS&C delulus
  7. Wildflower Wildfire, Text Book, Blue Banisters, Arcadia AND Thunder, Living Legend, Cherry Blossom and Wild On You? This album's gonna be beautiful, isn't it?
  8. Chemtrails Over The Country Club 1. On The Run 2. My Sweet Love 3. Jewels In The Swimming Pool 4. You're No Fun 5. Normality Settles Down Over Me 6. Suburbia 7. Late-night TV 8. Don't Give Up
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