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  1. The three remind me of witches. Especially when they are standing there and the wind is blowing through their hair 😍
  2. I think the millions of tweets on his page should let him remember very fast
  3. To know that people are starving for the new snipped and to let them wait must be a feeling of power
  4. I want a song with more of her deep hypnotic voice like in Ride („I‘ve been out on that open road“). It gives me so much chills. But its like she more tries to hit those high notes in her newer songs. I like that too, but somehow she changed her style of singing over the years, isnt she?
  5. I‘m asking myself what is going on in her head when she announces a date for her albums. Is she really sure on that time that the album will be released on that date?! Same with album title. Its like she is playing dart with a calendar and after that she plays scrabble for the album title
  6. For people in germany: I found the exclusive edition with the alternate cover and poster on MediaMarkt and Saturn ? You can preorder it there. I did it yesterday. So happy that we can have it in germany ?
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    She looks like a lady ? She gets more and more beautiful this era
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