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  1. Ok! Wow! I am loving this a LOT more than LMLYLAW! I am loving the vocals & the production! I love everything about it, and that video is wonderful! Gorgeous! I love seeing her smile and you can really see those changes from the early eras videos to now! That video looks like she's having a fun jam session with friends! Definitely a very cool vibe and I'm loving the production! 5 stars from me and I hope she keeps the momentum going!
  2. OMG those texts with her Dad! SO Sweet!!
  3. And now it's on People Magazine website... https://people.com/music/lana-del-rey-claps-back-at-criticism/
  4. Yes, exactly! Thank you! We need more peace and love out there, not more witch hunts, finger pointing and bitterness!
  5. Honestly, I agree with her about how who she voted for being nobody's business. Because it's true. I was raised to be respectful and I was taught that religion and politics are two topics that are best not discussed with others because they are very sensitive, personal and divisive topics. People could argue back and forth all day and still disagree on both of those topics. I personally don't care who people vote for, as long as they vote! Because if you don't vote, then you have no right to complain when the election doesn't go your way. This obsession with knowing who people vote for comes across like a Witch Hunt to me, which is a very very dangerous thing. When you start treating it like a Witch Hunt and you become obsessed with finding people who support one candidate or another, that is some pretty scary shit. ( I am NOT referring to anyone on here! I am generally referring to people I have seen on Facebook and other social media sites who try to call out their friends and family members and shame them) It needs to stop. People should just leave her alone about her politics. If people are really that interested, her father is on Instagram practically everyday denouncing Trump. I don't know if that helps anyone, or gives anyone any kind of reassurance.. but personally, whoever Lana Del Rey voted for is completely irrelevant to me and doesn't change my opinion of her nor does it change who I vote for. We all need to vote with our hearts and our conscience and that's all we can ask of each other. This Witch Hunt thing needs to stop because as you can see, the country is literally divided in half, so half the country does in fact support Donald Trump. There's no getting around that. Whether we like it or not. I'm not going to comment on her mask scandal because I was not there at that bookstore and I don't know what that mask does or does not consist of. I have a feeling that ever since the question for the culture scandal, people have been trying to cancel her every chance they get. This cancel culture and Witch Hunt culture is just beyond toxic. I'm Lana's age and I'm really grateful that I grew up as a young child and teenager without all of this social media and cancel culture craziness! We didn't have Facebook and Twitter back then! The internet was still in its infancy and in many ways, life was better back then! I'm sure that makes me sound old, but there are definitely those days where I wish I could just time travel back to the 90s and stay there!
  6. Thank you! and I totally agree with you! I love collecting things like this and the box is right up my alley. I really hope she does another box like this for the COCC release! She could put little Midwestern mementos into the box, a CD copy of the album, perhaps postcards representing some of the places she's visited over the past year, incense, stones, and other little trinkets and mementos. I think if the box came with a CD copy of the album, that would be the icing on the cake. I like the idea of having something physical to help set the mood for the album. I grew up purchasing CDs and physical items and I really feel like the digital era is lacking that sense of having something physical to hold in my hands, something that really sets the tone and sets the mood for sitting down and listening to an album all the way through for the first time. I'm really looking forward to receiving the Forgotten Vibes box and hopefully the sales of this merch will prompt them to do something similar for whenever COCC is released ❤️
  7. It kind of reminds me of the NFR "Surf Shop" merchandise launch which I found to be a little underwhelming. I did end up buying a Cinnamon Girl hoodie. But when it finally arrived like 7 million months after I ordered it, I'd already forgotten about it. Then it didn't even fit me , so I ended up giving it to a friend of mine. I wish the wooden box sets were signed or something if she's only doing a limited run of them. I wish she would offer stuff like signed bookmarks and signed book plates for the poetry books. Ben & Ed need to DM me for Merch ideas because honestly I have so many more ideas and yeah. Come take my paycheck!
  8. I think if you sign up for text or sign up for the email list, you get a discount code sent to you
  9. Congrats on your bonus! And I hope you treat yourself to something if you want to ♥️
  10. I totally agree with you!! Also, If her management really wants to make money, they should sell 30 minute Skype or zoom calls with Lana! I can only imagine what they would charge for that sort of thing, but I'd be willing to miss a car payment or two just to have a chance to talk to her! 😂 Or, give us an Official boxed set release with all of the demos, unreleased tracks, alternate versions, etc spanning all of the eras of her career so far. All they would have to do is literally repackage music that already exists and put it in a nice pretty boxed set and sell it to us! I would happily buy it and I'm sure many of us would! And yes I realize that all that stuff is on YouTube and Dbree, but I would still totally support an official sanctioned release of all of those works because I think those songs are very special and in many cases, a lot better than some of her official releases. Even though she may not like them anymore, it would be nice to have the entire catalog in one boxed set as opposed to songs being scattered across Youtube, Dbree, and elsewhere... Aahhh a girl can dream
  11. Good point! I bought a few of the cocaine spoon necklaces a couple years ago and now they're selling for $600 online or something crazy like that. I figure the Forgotten Vibes Box will be a collector's item, so I bought two of them. She could have included a vibrator in the Box for good measure & a real vibey experience! 😅 Also, why isn't Lana promoting this on her Instagram or Twitter, etc? I literally found out about this new merch drop through a Lana Facebook fan group! She's really not into promoting, is she? 😂
  12. Well, there goes $300! Good thing today is payday! I'm really glad I was able to snag that keepsake box! That is exactly the type of merch she needs to come up with for the COCC release! A box that includes inspired little mementos that go with the record and sets the mood! FYI Ben & Ed: This is the kind of merch that many of us want to see! Physical merch is not done very much these days and the keepsake box is a great idea! Please see if she'll do one for the COCC release! Please keep it going! I am more than happy to turn my paycheck over to Lana! I'm also glad they are offering larger sizes because my ass is definitely not fitting into a size L!! Now let's just hope I actually receive this in a somewhat timely manner. I still have flashbacks of the signed Lust For Life CD pre-order and it took over a year to receive my autographed LFL CD 😅
  13. I hope we get another "New York" record someday! Or at least, dreamy witchy atmospheric trip hop production! Not sure if any of you are familiar with Curve or Garbage, (going way back to the 90s, LOL and yes, I'm old! ) but that's the kinda vibe I hope we hear at some point, even if it's only just a couple of tracks. That '90s Alt Rock shoe gaze "wall of sound" epic sound. Over the summer, Garbage / Nirvana / Smashing Pumpkins producer / genius / mastermind Butch Vig made a post with his favorite songs of summer, and he posted about the LDR cover of Doin' Time being one of his favorites and how Lana is one of his favorite artists. I commented on his post asking him to reach out to Lana's team to see if there's any possibility of them working together in the future. Garbage singer Shirley Manson has also spoken about her support of Lana in the past. He actually liked my comment and responded! Hopefully he was serious, because I can only imagine the amazing things they could do together! Sorry for such a long post, but if any of you are craving that kind of Alt Rock / electronic industrial rock / trippy atmospheric sound with female vocals, please check out bands like Garbage, Curve, Kidneythieves, My Bloody Valentine.
  14. Very well said! And I say this as someone who still lives in the BTD/Paradise/UV/HM/LFL eras! I didn't enjoy NFR. I agree that she has grown and changed and I imagine, and I'm hoping, that her personal life is far less tumultuous now than it was years ago when she wrote those earlier records. I certainly am happy for her. I'm also a woman in my mid-30s just like her, so I can certainly understand, appreciate, and relate to moving through different stages in life and just being in a different headspace. Even if the new record as a whole ends up not being my thing, I'll still gladly purchase it and support her and buy any merch that she releases. I support her as an artist and I agree with you, some of us might just have to accept that the new record may not be our thing, compared to previous releases. I do hope she continues writing though! I remember hearing that she has yet another poetry collection being released but I'm not too sure what the details are surrounding that. She is definitely a multifaceted artist and individual!
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