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  1. Sonofmoonshine

    Charli XCX

    yeah, apparently they are set to be hitting stores any moment now at least true romance
  2. actually she said shw wants to continue Cry baby's life for more 2 records, so up to MM4 but she also said the character will develop into something so ...
  3. Yes she was attending Verde's cousing graduation ceremony. Y'all are delusional to think Atlantic pressures her to do much when she barely posts on social media, does like one live performance per era, interviews with small websites, with her songs not charting (only her album and for a week) to then allow her to film a whole movie with a 5M budget. And not get into public legal action regarding how much her material leaks. Her going independent would not be ideal, she is not sociable and has zero to no online persona, so she would struggle to get sponsors, also she would also have to pay an INSANE amount of money to keep her royalties But sure a bunch of fans would donate their live savings for her to film stuff, after all Cry Babies did pay for the Dollhouse Music video when she was independent, and she does have a LOT more fans now.
  4. this has been taken down for months now most likely a bug or someone trying to play with peoples expectations
  5. Sonofmoonshine

    Charli XCX

    and what you want me to do about it? just sharing cause it was psoted like half an hour ago with the full tracklist and the ass photo
  6. Sonofmoonshine

    Charli XCX

    new promo banner with tracklist posted by warner on their music store
  7. Essentially that's what it was about though Like K-12 goes from around 5 to 17 Theming reflects on that as each track is a year in school and goes through issues we face during that period of time Wheels On The Bus - Bully Class Fight - Jealousy The Principal - Government Show & Tell - Work compensation Nurse's Office - Exhaustion Drama Club - Misogyny Strawberry Shortcake - Puberty Lunchbox Friends - Relationships Orange Juice - Mental Health Detention - Burn out Teacher's Pet - Sexualization High School Sweethearts - Love Recess - Fear of the future We just won't get Cry baby adulthood forward, as Mel already stated she'll evolve instead of like college/work ... which most likely is linked to her new "form" with fairies and E.T's
  8. she was set to play this festival may 2020 ever since then, she cancelled her apperance due to the pandemic here's the line up
  9. people literally waited 4 years for K-12 to come out with no major leaks It's been 4 years since K-12 came out and people leaked enough songs to make a full length album it's not the same thing, neither a justification for stealing her work Y'all forget she pays for every studio session, so her making more sessions now to create an album since people leaked the one she wanted to make it's not free either And the NFT's are costing 222 dolars each, depending on how many she comes out with it's just over 1K profit
  10. This type of comment makes no sense whatsoever K-12 the film had an investment of 5 million dollars Dojo's box office only took accountability of 6 countries (U.S included), and it was screened in over 85 The film is sitting at almost 10 million views alone on youtube (don't feel like counting the separate music videos) The album Debuted at #3 on billboard, selling 56,421 copies in pure in the US alone on it's first week Elsewhere the album reached the top 10 of eight different countries It also spent over 100 weeks as #1 on the soundtrack charts We also have no idea how many DVD's copies were sold, but the fact they never re-stocked tell you it probably wasn't very little. (besides digital's on itunes, play store, etc) Not saying it was a smash hit but people see it as a bigger flop then it actually was
  11. It's not really to blame the NFT's existing But part of Mel's justification was that due to people leaking her stuff and profiting off of it, she was left to search other ways to make her bag Specially after not finishing the K-12 tour + low income from streamings. It's not news for some people that her and atlantic threw a fit at K&OL due to their low security. Honestly it implies that she is or will re-work her ideas for the record instead of releasing already leaked music, after all it's not just one song like "Drama CLub" was for K-12
  12. Surpise Halloween show the day after the Outside Lands festival https://www.songkick.com/concerts/40027830-melanie-martinez-at-house-of-blues-anaheim?utm_source=46422&utm_medium=partner
  13. Reminder that she has a show next month, which will be like the same thing as the Livestream so then the era it will be officially over, as that's just contract obligation
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