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  1. I'm getting a little scared about this album. LMLYLAW and now this new song BUS have such boring lyrics, they sound almost like someone making a parody of Lana I would like Lana to try new types of concepts for her lyrics other than love, honestly. Songs like: Heroin, Get Free, Fucked My Way Up to the Top, Money Power Glory, Body Electric, Gods & Monsters, Hope, How to Disappear... They all sound so fresh, lyircs-wise. And even if Lana sticks to the topic or touches the topic of love/breakup/relationship, she can do so much better and make it so interesting, like with: Freak, 13 Beaches, Black Beauty, West Coast, Mariners, Cinnamon Girl, The Blackest Day I just really can't even remember last time Lana had such insipid lyricism Edit: but well, that saying for the little we got. Maybe I'm overreacting and the album will turn out just fine
  2. Okay.. Let me love you like a woman is growing a lot for me Still not a huge fan of the lyrics
  3. Lana did fuck up in some moments this year, but the mask thing bothers me because SO many celebs aren't using masks, or throwing parties, or using the same type she was wearing and they don't get hate (?), at most Twitter just makes jokes about them and that's it, while Lana didn't wear a mask and now she is a republican, like... I get it, it's disappointing. But also seeing fans go all the way and acting like she just made the worst thing ever when it was a dumb mistake, and now being all "wow, it's embarrassing to be a Lana Stan!"... Literally all the other dumb things she said like "not a feminist", "not liberal nor republican", etc is old shit and we all knew that but now that she didn't wear a mask some just like are acting like this is a different Lana? Lol, she always did dumb things, I guess some fans just can't take the heat from those viral tweets dragging her.
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