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  1. Pitchfork on that sweet carolina verse: “It’s funny and real, a reminder that the people we love most aren’t just the ones to whom we dedicate our earnest love songs—they’re often the recipients of our dumbest jokes.“ I actually really agree with this, one of my favorite verses, I think a lot of people are missing Lana’s sense of humor. and of all publications, PITCHFORK??? Gets it??? for once??
  2. Omg i didnt mean to get everyone off topic hehe, i was just noticing it seems like theres been another shift against NFR now that BB came out. Personally, I like NFR because of how polished and clean it is, which is the same reason im gathering other people ARENT so fond of it. I just felt like the chaos and Lana-ness of BB, has pushed some people even further against NFR, which is lacking that chaos. And after reading everyones responses, I can see that very few people actually think is “bad”— as in low quality, they just found the delivery to be too bland or safe? Anyways, i think for my taste NFR wins, but i have also really been loving BB. Excited for us all to *officially* hear it in less than a day! Much Love ❤️❤️
  3. I’m not SUPER active on here all the time, but when did everyone start to hate NFR? Last I checked, it was the general consensus (from like everyone in the world) that it was her greatest album? Did that change now that BB is out (well, now that weve heard it)
  4. My Current top 5: If You Lay Down with Me Violets for Roses Thunder Nectar of the Gods Sweet Carolina So fucking good guys
  5. I was kinda iffy on the album when i first heard it, but now every song has grown on me, except for black bathing suit. idk if anyone cares but i’ll put the reason why in the spoilers EDIT: To be clear, i absolutely love this fucking album. I think i LOVE every other song, so i’m hoping BBS clicks with me so this can be skipless for me.
  6. also sorry to chime in, pls nobody get mad at me. but im thinking she mostly hid the songs from the locals so that her core fanbase would mostly be the ones listening. Shes probably hoping we already know of the ppl shes namedropping. So shes also probably hoping that we care about them because they are important to her and she cares about them. if that makes any sense. but ofc everyone is free to like/dislike whatever they want.
  7. it feels more like rubato, taking some time from certain words and giving extra time to others, but ending up on the same beat in the end. i guess its up to you if she did it well, but i think that was the intention at least.
  8. i think Chemtrails (song) was perfect with the slowburn buildup thing Jack likes to do. But the rest i feel couldve been amped up in a way :/
  9. yeah if she had a masseduction era, or even production like st. vincents new single... i would shit myself and then pass away perhaps.
  10. I was really thrown off at first when I heard Wild at Heart, cuz the htd instrumentals caught me by surprise and took my out for a second. But now, after listening so many times, when she basically becomes a chorus with herself... ugh masterpiece. edit: i also cant deal with randos who just don’t get White Dress :/ something not clicking... SOTY in my opinion
  11. yeah same i just opened my spotify and the first thing that pops up is new music “for you” and its telling me to listen to Justice... payola
  12. sorry guys i wasnt sure i know now tho. thanks to the people who tried to warn me haha
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