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  1. OMG i just love it! Finally a video for BB 😍
  2. I would love to see the BB Video, the tiny snipped she posted weeks ago got such a VIBE but i think she scrapped that completly because of the breakup with clay, we will never see that thing Hopefully she will release a new video anyway, i mean just 2 proper Musicvideos for Chemtrails was a little bit of a let down And i personally didn't like the WD Video at all, it was a little bit boring and the thing with her stunt double is a kind of
  3. Did anyone else noticed musical differences on arcadia on the album version? I thought the already released single version had strings in it, the album version hasn't. or am i wrong?
  4. Does anyone else thinks that blue Banisters (song) is very similiar to video games? Thats what i thought in first Listen. Anyway im very exited for the new album (hopefully soon - i know hope is a dangerous thing...) and im very happy for thunder, cherry blossom, dope and living legend gets an official release, i love those Songs and i hope the final versions fits well in the context of the album als a whole. Im always been a quiet observer of lana boards, so this is my first Post and i just wanted to say hello to everyone ❤
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