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  1. omg no i hate that bitch i was exposing this bitch also all the time in pre BB thread and you all did not believe me everything he was teasing was fake
  2. Girl this is called '' This is acting'' i was trying to see if you really have it even my questions were weird you stupid and the fact you ran with fake snippet thinking it was lana and posting it here as an exclusiveee babyyyyyy i'm screaming log out
  3. i'm glad this bitch now is exposed girl you playing with the wrong person go to sleep momy is waiting you have school tomorow
  4. girl i was just tring to see if you really have it and you had nothing stop teasing and acting exclusive you have nothing baby
  5. and the fake snippet i sent to that troll is from an upcoming album track by a flop girl (kinda big in some countries) i will let you know when her album is released so you all give her a listen
  6. we gave you some real tea baby but you HAve access to nothing not even few seconds of LYTAN go get a life
  7. so stop giving this @fl0r1dakil0s any attention he is a fake ass bitch he has no unrleeased he has no access to any files i can confirm
  8. Ladies and gentelman this is my snippet and this guy is a scammer he took snippet from me and run because i know he was troll he has no loved you now or whatever and he has no new song from europhia he tired to scam me so i sent him a fake snippet this is not lana @flojzhjhgejahjaga
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