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  1. I too prefer LMLYLAW! it’s just full of longing and it just stuck with me more. But COTCC is very good, as well.
  2. I literally cannot wrap my head around the concept of hearing Hope being followed by White Dress. It’s gonna be so ethereal and heartbreaking. I absolutely remember the ending of Get Free with the seagulls and the ocean waves and then NFR! starting with that nostalgic melody and piano. Almost like we’re at the beach but at what cost? Goddamn man child, another love failure, and there we go. Now Hope and Slim Aarons and finally being at the country club. But it’s all the same with serving (contemplating) god in a burnt coffee pot bc she’s a waitress (white dress). MY BRAIN THIS WOMAN UGH
  3. Title tracks: 1. Born to Die 2. Ultraviolence 3. NFR 4. Honeymoon 5. CoTCC 6. LFL i really did love COTCC as a track though! I feel this album will be a mix of Ultraviolence and NFR! which is soooo interesting in execution. Like even the outro of Chemtrails sounds like something off of Ultraviolence. And yet the piano is so NFR!
  4. Ah!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t notice this! I am so curious to see how White Dress picks up after Hope is A Dangerous Thing esp since she seems to be living in a Slim Aaron’s picture in Chemtrails. PARALLELS!
  5. I do want to agree that it’s nice to see her in a stationary position in life or rather in an album cover. In most of the LDR covers she near a moving vehicle of some sort (a boat on NFR!), meaning she’s almost always on the run and ready to move on. In this one it looks like she’s finally settled down and will stay there awhile. (don’t get me started on the Get Free/For Free parallels)
  6. Oh dear friends, we have spoken about how Honeymoon and LFL are bad covers (I will dispute LFL), we have spoken about NFR! about being too busy (completely disagree), but nothing, I mean NOTHING prepared us for this. This is such a bad cover, like truly. BAD. And I'll second user @Electric Body it's just unprofessionally shot. It's totally okay (in fact cool concept) to want to have people in the cover with her. It's been done loads of times in other albums. Sgt. Pepper's, To Pimp A Butterfly, there are many ways to have many people on your cover, w/o making it look like a saved picture on your iphone. I'm not opposed to Lana including her friends, just make it artistic, aesthetically pleasing, or AT LEAST make the picture dynamic. It's just sad especially considering how cool teaser for the mv looked. I agree w/ others the back cover, looks slightly better. And ya know why? It's has dimension, depth! It's interesting to look at! The cherry on top is her rants and tone-deaf comments. I love Lana and her music, but everything about this leaves sooooo much to be desired. WE HAD SUCH HOPES.
  7. Has anyone noticed the teaser seems to quickly recap past eras???? I feel the video will lead us to the evolution of Lana🤩
  8. As someone who loves the music and lyricism of NFR! and also the lush visuals and over-stylization of Honeymoon, I feel like I truly won. I am excited to hear the stripped down feel of NFR! going off with her old glamour and a (NEW) witchy vibe. UGH THANK U LANA🖤🖤🖤🖤
  9. Is anyone else confuse in this era in terms of which direction it is going? It seems like the blonde was suggesting the chaotic Lana era and I thought “oh maybe COTCC is unhinged and unapologetic ok interesting”. Now with the brunette and just how more calm and normal she is acting (no qftc, no weird videos, no mask situation). Even the Fallon performance suggests a more nonchalant, simple approach evocative of the nfr! era. I am possibly overthinking this but I’m really curious to what kind of record COTCC will actually be.
  10. Lanaboards may be a lot of things, but I’m glad most people here have accepted the obvious fact the mask did not have any plastic. (YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE IT IN THE LIVESTREAM WHERE SHES READING THE POEM AND PULLS OFF THE MASK) Anyway Instagram fans and their plastic conspiracy are driving me insane esp since Lana said so now herself. Ugh. I love her but she makes dumb choices sometimes and we just have to make peace with that.
  11. So I listened to “Hope is Dangerous Thing...” and then LMLYLAW back to back, and it makes sense as a closer and opener. Both piano melodies, both stripped down. In “Hope” she is reading Slim Aarons and considering being a debutante and how her life would be simpler. I can see this leading to going to the Country Club and midwest in COTCC. However, I don’t see her leaving LA forever, she’s not that person she sets out to be COTCC as she refutes the idea in Hope: “But I’m not,” she says about being a debutante. So it makes sense for her to return to California, or “Yosemite”. Idk but I just love how “Hope” is filled with Midwestern imagery and Sylvia Plath and now COTCC is that. It’s pretty darn amazing.
  12. So I finally listened to LMLYLAW and if this is the opening to the album I think it works. It is soft and stripped down and the perfect follow up to NFR! She is leaving LA and asking her lover to come. But there is a seedy underbelly to it, “I need/want you” and “don’t make me be bittersweet”. The last verse is almost like a threat and the song ends abruptly. I can see it being the calm before the storm, before we get into the really dark, unhinged side to the album.
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