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  1. So I listened to “Hope is Dangerous Thing...” and then LMLYLAW back to back, and it makes sense as a closer and opener. Both piano melodies, both stripped down. In “Hope” she is reading Slim Aarons and considering being a debutante and how her life would be simpler. I can see this leading to going to the Country Club and midwest in COTCC. However, I don’t see her leaving LA forever, she’s not that person she sets out to be COTCC as she refutes the idea in Hope: “But I’m not,” she says about being a debutante. So it makes sense for her to return to California, or “Yosemite”. Idk but I just love how “Hope” is filled with Midwestern imagery and Sylvia Plath and now COTCC is that. It’s pretty darn amazing.
  2. So I finally listened to LMLYLAW and if this is the opening to the album I think it works. It is soft and stripped down and the perfect follow up to NFR! She is leaving LA and asking her lover to come. But there is a seedy underbelly to it, “I need/want you” and “don’t make me be bittersweet”. The last verse is almost like a threat and the song ends abruptly. I can see it being the calm before the storm, before we get into the really dark, unhinged side to the album.
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