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  1. It is, alongside every Masochism master and a lot of other stuff from her scrapped debut album.
  2. Hummingbird

    Charli XCX

    What can we expect from Charli and Sophie "leakers"?
  3. We also need original files, listening to microwave recordings sucks. Guardian, I Pray for Rain, Always Ready to Lose You, Hurt by You, One Way to Heaven, All to Myself...
  4. "Good things come for those who wait patiently" like... I don't even have words.
  5. Imagine how tired we are... https://dbree.org/v/386176 https://dbree.org/v/769ca6
  6. Hummingbird


    New Life https://dbree.org/v/326175
  7. Also, Capitol could update her whole catalog on streaming. Her NTMT cover is still the censored one, and we don't have the As If!/NTMT b-sides EPs. But it took ages for us to get Ghost there, since they only put it because they saw @SkyFUpdates request, so... By the way, do you guys have the NTMT uncensored cover in UHQ?
  8. This. I really hope too.
  9. Hummingbird


    I love her, Sure and Sugar & Spice were my favourite ones when I discovered her! I gotta check her new material.
  10. Hummingbird


    Amazing, lol.
  11. How come I've never heard this song... does the deluxe edition shows up for everybody?
  12. Hummingbird


    Sorry to bump this very old thread, but does anybody know what happened to her? She no longer uses social media and literally disappeared from everywhere.
  13. Boys thinking 'bout boys in the night time Boys wishing that boys were by their sides All watchin' and waitin’ for the sign Let's make love, let's make love
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