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  1. at first i thought it was a gig from the honeymoon era. the look promises music that will blow us away
  2. blackestday89

    Song vs. Song

    gods and monsters vs dance till we die
  3. blackestday89

    Song vs. Song

    Beautiful people (demo) vs Freak(Demo)
  4. honeymoon praise should never stop. I wonder how it felt to start the post thread of honeymoon. what did you think when you first heard these divine songs?
  5. nobody will question this statement. can't we even write her a letter together expressing our love for honeymoon. and there we ask her to create an album that is based on these roots. I'm angry about BBS, with a BtD instrumentalization it would be a mega hit. It has so much potential.
  6. the new Power Rangers for her MIKE, RICK, ZACH, BARRIE, EMILE
  7. blackestday89

    Song vs. Song

    13 Beaches vs Old Money
  8. i love dealer but i wish she would make more songs in the style where only she sings. this way of singing, screaming and breathing. that would be amazing.
  9. blackestday89

    Song vs. Song

    yayo vs yosemite
  10. i usually think that more instruments are better for lana and in most cases i would prefer a guitar to a piano. but Wildflower wildfire is just as perfect as it is. one of the few songs that I can listen to over and over again.
  11. blackestday89

    Song vs. Song

    freak demo vs Blue Jeans
  12. Carmen (i love it so much now)
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