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  1. i really love this song, but something is missing. but i have to say with white dress jack did it right
  2. blackestday89

    Song vs. Song

    Black Beauty vs BBS
  3. I still wonder what rick would have done with tjf.
  4. the rick love in this thread is overwhelming!!!! the one who produced "the blackest day" can´t be the wrong one for her
  5. so after all these news i come to the conclusion that the producers are jack, rick, drew and mike. mike not really but it is my wish that he and rick rock the house
  6. blackestday89

    Song vs. Song

    flipside vs big eyes
  7. summer summer is almost gone!!! oh i love WD, and we need the late summer vibes for LDR9. An August release is coming!!!!
  8. hey this is it there is nothing more to say, frame this post and we will send a letter to lana with exactly these words. you wrote it perfectly. lana should know that.
  9. blackestday89

    Song vs. Song

    Freak vs Queen of Hearts
  10. Something will happen on her birthday. perhaps she will announce the release of ldr 9. what do the stars actually say? could someone take an astrological look at lana's musical future
  11. which food goes with which album? i recommend walnut or straciatella ice cream with cocoa powder when listening to the honeymoon album. you should lie on a sun chair under the blue sky. this is the highest pleasure.
  12. posts like that bring back my faith in humanity. im happy to see all those honeymoon lovers.
  13. next week more details will be revealed
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