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  1. I apologize for the confusion. I thought it was trap beats on TJF. But of course it's a little different on Summer Bummer and Hbtb. But what I mean by that, TJF and other songs on COCC are getting a bit more beat-heavy and I like that. I like a lot of her songs with trap beats, maybe that's why I thought TJF has trap beats too. This snippet has so much power, I just want to focus on those positive vibes
  2. blackestday89

    Song vs. Song

    Breaking My Heart vs Swan Song
  3. Don´t be sad. There are trap beats in TJF. It also has autotune. It's going in the right direction. It seems to be getting a little more interesting in this album. If I hadn't heard COCC and TJF Snippet, I would have given up hope too. I think this will be a transitional album, not every number will delight us, but a few will completely surprise us.
  4. In any case, Dawes would be very promising. Thunder was very good. But I hope that she will work with a lot of producers for the next album. Rick would definitely be someone who understands her and can help her to achieve her potential fully.
  5. blackestday89

    Song vs. Song

    West Coast vs. Cherry Blossom
  6. No, you are absolutely right. The whole vibe of COCC is completely different from NFR. I can't understand the people who are now starting to compare COCC to NFR. What we've heard so far has little to do with NFR.
  7. blackestday89

    Song vs. Song

    COCC vs Lust for Life(Demo)
  8. you seem to have good taste. Honeymoon may be my favorite, but LFL is close. Summer Bummer is outstanding. I don't know why so many don't like it
  9. you forgot the trap beats. high by the beach sounds so good. trap beats, guitar and strings, the holy trinity.
  10. blackestday89

    Song vs. Song

    The Blackest Day vs. In my Feelings
  11. blackestday89

    Song vs. Song

    Yayo(paradise edition) vs. Ultraviolence(Demo)
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