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  1. weren’t u saying that it was one of the best closing tracks she has ever made? lol
  2. my mind can’t comprehend the fact that we might get another emile album and it being a collaboration with Mike…
  3. honestly if Dealer ends ups sounding anything like the leaks I will be satisfied for this era and happily sing my contract back into stan membership for the next year (even tho i’ve signed it for life already)
  4. do ya’ll think she’ll release something soon? she usually spams like this before making and announcement
  5. she thought she was serving wasn’t she
  6. Not gaga stans getting movies and shit while the only thing we’re getting are random instagram posts about her friends i hate it here
  7. oh baby the inspiration was always there, not everybody can understand and fully grasp the entirety of it tho and all of her albums have been cohesive sonically (apart from maybe LFL, which was more of a mix, subject that’s debatable in my opinion cause an album can be cohesive and still have a combination of different sounds and genres) ya’ll are making it worst for yourselves and should just drink a glass of water and chill
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