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  1. She actually once said she was having a creative block before writing Norman, so she listened some music by “an ex boyfriend”, who is definitely Barrie, to get some inspiration, so you’re right!
  2. Black Bathing Suit theory I posted this on my fanpage on Instagram, but wanted to share it here too. I rarely believe in rumors or even post about them, but I read something saying Black Bathing Suit has the same vibes as High By The Beach and something caught my attention; back in 2018, when she came to my city, she went to the beach wearing a black bathing suit, but didn’t take her clothes off because of paparazzi since felt uncomfortable, so as High By The Beach music video is focused on the way paparazzi invade her privacy and make her insecure, it totally makes sense she would sing about that day. She loves coming here and she must’ve wanted to enjoy her day at the beach, but couldn’t because of it, so I wonder if the song is a big “fuck you, I just wanted to have a nice time but couldn’t show my black bathing suit because of your cameras” and it breaks my heart…this album is so personal, it’s very close to her poetry and it shows she’s maturing and growing, so I’m proud of her for singing about her thoughts and experiences like that. Even if the song is not about that situation, I wish she wouldn’t “have” to go through this just for being who she is… Btw the picture is fully informative, I am NOT supporting their work and the way they made Lana feel uncomfortable, I’m just showing you what happened so we can relate my text with the image and we can discuss the subject. I’m glad she had a nice time with her friends and some fans despite the situation though :-)
  3. Side by side comparison https://postimg.cc/HJqYP9qK I’m sure it will be beautiful, I’m so in love with the one she’s with her siblings, Zella, Weyes and Nikki!!!
  4. Here’s the actual picture. Taken on December 4th at the press conference and photo-call for ‘Big Eyes’. https://postimg.cc/mh0YNvpN
  5. I’m not pressed, I’m just warning people and telling them not to believe in every single thing others’ post. That’s all. I always search for information when I see something online, not only about Lana, but anything, specially when the source constantly posts wrong information and act like they’re the best when they’re not. Thank you so much, darling x
  6. As I assumed. Apparently they’re not the most reliable source... Thank you for posting it! I found the exact image they edited, but I don’t know how to paste it here...
  7. I literally found the picture they put on the vinyl lol. Big Eyes conference on December 2014. I’ll try to post it.
  8. Are you talking about Lana Del Rey Addiction? Because if yes, they’re not at all. They steal information from Lanaboards and other Lana sites/pages and distort shit to get likes. They’re not reliable, sorry to inform you that.
  9. I don’t believe in anything they post, they’re always spreading fake and wrong info and that’s completely wrong. The picture looks fake and I believe they used a picture from late 2014/early 2015, probably from the Big Eyes conference
  10. Ahh thank you, darling!! It’s so great to heart something like that!! Xx
  11. Excited for tonight!! Hope she performs something new and say something about the next records :-) Guess we need an account to watch it through the app
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