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  1. the dreamer edit in that commercial was a choice lol
  2. Constant Repeat is the best song of all time
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1cMSYDgOuMfr7dKmmKJv3_-8_8FG9ZtrzvrZn9zk-tTU/htmlview#gid=423374599
  4. I think Crash might be my favorite Charli full length LP
  5. Shhhhh.... U can show yr support by streaming and telling yr friends(⁠✿⁠^⁠‿⁠^⁠) https://velvetdreaming.neocities.org/bodymove.html
  6. check out this new artist i just discovered, they seem to be really inspired by charli and even have one of her songs as their name! https://velvetdreaming.neocities.org/bodymove.html
  7. There's the sweat remix too which she also played. Idk if there's more
  8. yeah i was "joking" the whole show about how she prob isnt vaccinated and prob hates trans people even tho she was playing a drag night lol
  9. whats all the tea with the liz beef lol me and @dance4u went to go see liz tonight and the announcer mentioned that she played the venue in 2013 with charli lol. she played all her songs with sophie it made me emotional </3
  10. kinda sounds like dylan brady tbh
  11. are all of them 2021?? also who is doing the vox on picture this??
  12. hot in it and hot girl really aint it imo. as much as i love charli and her music (which is an insane amount) i can admit that not everything she does is a banger. however she has given us more than enough bangers so i can listen to those instead also tiesto sucks
  13. yes that one. does anyone have the video that it's from?
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