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  1. just some rando top 40 tracker thing i found that seems up to date. wait i see it shes number 40 https://news.iheart.com/featured/charts/top-40/
  2. where are u seeing she hit top 40 lol https://top40-charts.com/chart.php?cid=27&date= its not here
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cMSYDgOuMfr7dKmmKJv3_-8_8FG9ZtrzvrZn9zk-tTU/edit#gid=1859985706
  4. its not on any streaming services however the bells ARE seasonal!!!!!
  5. What is tv heaven? I don't think the logo in the new shapes video is a reference to the old British show thing
  6. New Shapes is a big bop and the music video is great and those who disagree are wrong and need to get some taste
  7. i have 2 maybe 3 extra nyc tickets for sale if it sells out
  8. got tix for both nyc shows and boston
  9. yes http://view.e.atlanticrecords.com/?qs=bd5f2c271ae7ecacff89419309df3220d982e68d15676e9e8224ac7db4b1dc4065ffd8a9604946d1e7bb4e3e88269b0e0dde0a2464f3cbb0aa10575790bf7df09e31bd6e0dc00a029f1cdca35206047f
  10. Usa presale code is ITSCHARLIBABY
  11. if americans get the presale link before me please post that shit here thx
  12. has anyone gotten the presale code yet
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