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  1. in the rain is sooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooodddddddddddd
  2. OK just uploaded the recently posted the dbree version of ctmp... its tyni on the "liz" version right? we just deleted the liz version. sorry im dumb haha this is confusing does anyone know what year higher was recorded?
  3. its me and @dance4u. thank u. so the no breaks version is the real one?
  4. same idk what the fuck that means haha
  5. ~tHe sPr3@dshEEt iS wRoNG!!11!!!!~
  6. fucking dm one of us then
  7. no i didnt i got into her like a year ago i did always like charlis part in fancy tho haha
  8. appx 69% of the credit charli gets from f@gs and music nerds is like due to sophie and her work with charli and in general
  9. bipp is one of the best songs ever period. i hope to god this isnt true but its looking like it is
  10. MASTERPOST has been updated... recent additions are now puke green so yall wont get 2 confused
  11. please everyone JUST STOP
  12. no its a "fancy" reference haha i needed something charli related FAST
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