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  1. I understand why people aren’t thrilled she’s working with Jack again but the production quality of the new songs on blue banisters is way worse than anything Jack would ever do
  2. For some reason anything K&OL does gets leaked rly easily
  3. Let’s hope it’s Sirens
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if mm3 is released before the film. It would give her time to have a real rollout with singles which Atlantic might be pushing her to do
  5. She doesn’t know what an NFT is she thinks they’re physical toys people can buy😅
  6. https://twitter.com/cinamonslut/status/1482010767641694209?s=21 is this real? Idk how to put an image on here
  7. I hope she doesn’t scrap these songs, they’re all so good (especially sirens and garden). It seems like as long as she’s working with kinetics/one love her stuff will leak. They need to step up on their security
  8. I'm very pleased with pitchfork's score, although I think it deserves higher
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