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  1. Gecko


    I'm sorry to say it, but Lana is indefensible. She copied Creep objectively. We can delete this thread, but not its ugly media figure (which she has rightly deserved thanks to this plagiarism).
  2. I said that it seems to be Creep, not it is Creep. Can you now understand?
  3. I have not heard Lust For Life yet because I'm a good fan and I don't want to download the leaked album "U little fuckers"
  4. I'd like if Lana released a studio version of "Santa Baby"...
  5. Gecko


    "Adeline" is a good premise for their album!
  6. I really like this song! It sounds different than "Lust for Life", and also than other previous work and I really appreciate this! I think she has to experiment new styles and she has succeeded with this song because she is not a "single-genre" singer... "Coachella-Woodstock In My Mind" has brought my passion for her once again! Lana is always able to give us surprises!
  7. Gecko


    wow, can't wait EDIT: I'm cuming. This teaser is so good.
  8. Gecko


    Also "The Bends"
  9. Gecko


    No doubt, "Ok Computer". I know that "The Bends", "Kid A" and "In Rainbows" are masterpieces, but they have not the same deep I perceive in Ok Computer imho. It's a cover of "True Love Waits", one of my fav songs
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