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  1. Thank you, yeah I think you may be right about the “All the things I couldn’t want for him” part, the “never stepped in” lyric from WW might also be alluding to some sort of childhood resentment. As for your latter point, I think it’s both. This song is incredibly layered really I think of different things with each listen.
  2. Yes yes yes. I mean even why I gravitated toward her music so much was a question in itself. I started paying attention to what most speaks to me in her lyrics and take it from there
  3. Let's move on to the real poetry here
  4. The Grants is the title that I’m most excited about as well. I don’t know why but from the first time I heard it, Nirvana’s Serve the Servants which is the album opener for In Utero comes to my mind… Of course, Kurt Cobain’s lyrics about his family in the song were somewhat sarcastic (“That legendary divorce is such a bore”) but Lana can be very intimate and sarcastic at the same time, the title evokes such a vibe in me.
  5. Me: omg Jim Morrison, such a poet Jim Morrison:
  6. Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence 7.1 Leonard Cohen - Songs of Leonard Cohen 9.6 Hole - Live Through This 10 Nirvana - In Utero - 10 Elliott Smith - Either/Or 10 (also Fiona Apple - Tidal 9, The Doors debut album and Tori Amos' Boys for Pele but I couldn't find reviews for the last two?)
  7. Exactly! And the lyrics completely encapsulate the cute psycho attitude she carries at times, kinda reminiscent of Kinda Outta Luck
  8. Imagining a “soft-grungy” version of this. Only her and an acoustic guitar a la “Disco”.
  9. lili

    Text Book

    I meant she might think of him as stabbing in her back too at this very moment. But that doesn’t mean he can’t still be the one who made her feel all that. So you’re absolutely right, nothing can render the sentiments truly felt in heart defunct. ♥️
  10. lili

    Text Book

    When she says "Other men I met felt right/ Would smile at you and stick a knife in your back/ Finally I met you so I'm not wondering why". With all the recent Sean drama aside, as it renders all the sentiment shared in these lyrics defunct... Still I wanna know, I really do, what it must feel like to love someone so much that they make all the suffering brought upon you by others before almost a necessity, because you had to get lost that way to arrive at "the one", so you understand why what happened with others happened. I really do hope someday I'll understand. <3
  11. A&W completely caught me off guard and made me so excited about what’s to come! It’s hands down in my top five. The first half is so dreamy and 90s and the second half, though so different, just so brilliantly complements it somehow… This record’s gonna be IT. (Unrelated PS: Millions of people in Syria and my homeland Turkey have been affected by a massive earthquake as I’m sure most of you have heard of. Madonna shared this post with the name of a reliable organization to donate to: https://www.instagram.com/p/CoqAhnhPOTs/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= It’d mean a lot if you’d consider sharing it on your social media ♥️)
  12. I agree that the Cinnamon Girl should have been called Cinnamon, though I wonder if the title has anything do with the Neil Young song which is speculated to be about Pamela Morrison.
  13. Guns and Roses bridge is top tier
  14. Oh my god, I never thought I’d abandon my favorites for a new song, but this is simply the one that speaks to me the most. I’ve never been more touched by a song in my life.
  15. These are not rip-offs, I believe Kurt Cobain asked for permission from Los Brujos to use the main riff and Arctics were simply paying homage to Nirvana. Still, pretty interesting how it all unfolded.
  16. Imagine Lana collaborating with him. Their voices would be heaven together
  17. I’ve changed my mind from Wait for Life to this. I’ve forgotten Young and Beautiful, I haven’t listened to it for a while because it’s too painful, but it is truly one of her best
  18. The FJM collaboration is what gets me the most excited, he always continues to surprise me with what he cooks up. It’s gonna be worth the wait
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    Wordle 505 3/6 ⬜🟨🟩🟨🟨 🟩🟩🟩⬜⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
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    Song vs. Song

    Ride vs Young and Beautiful
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