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  1. I don't know for sure but I think they would not create a second page for the same black vinyl. since it says "import" it makes me think it might be red vinyl. let's wait until November 19 - this is the only option to find out as it's not even available for the pre-order.
  2. Black vinyl is sold out on Fnac. That's wierd if you ask me. Also the way there were no black vinyl on her French store is strange. Is it a sign that it's rare?
  3. you can try this - https://www.fnac.com/a16295441/Lana-Del-Rey-Blue-Banisters-CD-album#omnsearchpos=5
  4. bestie, how much was the taxes from UK? give us numbers
  5. I want normal pictures of white vinyl so I can see it in daylight. I am starting to doubt and am thinking to cancel my order for black vinyl and order white. please send help
  6. fuck I want to know so bad how transparent white vinyl looks like irl. Because the yellow one is not so bad as I thought it would be but the cover is still not for me. I like the main cover very much, it's simply iconic but at the same time I want colored vinyl...
  7. HAPPY RELEASE DAY Y'ALL!!!! (thanks god I had no problem getting it)
  8. just recieved email from Fnac france that black vinyl is postponed till 05/11/21
  9. So delay it is. Then I'm going to go and buy alt cover CD on release day just to look through booklet and help Lana with first week sales. Anyway, we've got so spoiled here with all these vinyl variants and their shipping on release day, that we forgot how a lot of artists who has an album this year are going to release their vinyls only in 2022.
  10. Oh nooooo!! I've checked it too and you're right. Fnac is still holding on to ship vinyl on 22nd. Let's hope it will stay that way please
  11. guys, did someone of you who order vinyl from fnac recieved shipping notification? I have no update but they charged me on Sunday
  12. let's hope that at least it won't be something like COCC had - black/dark blue pen on black&white card. meh...
  13. yes I've ordered black one. The original cover grew on me and I realized that it is simply iconic. And thank you!
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