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  1. WhiteDress123

    Charli XCX

    Hey, do you know what track Sweat was replaced with in the og tracklist? Thanksss
  2. 1000times is my bf, see you soon for more guys btw both 90 on the freeway Og file and Dance mix already leak I think
  3. Update your masterpost with this OG files: Don't be too soft on me OG Logic Pro: https://onlyfiles.io/f/7751f3ced06c491daca29cd381f3a895 All abroad OG quality: https://onlyfiles.io/f/4b46030aee004e4da2852a57a2a4952a Lock it Up OG: https://onlyfiles.io/f/68aa045f543c408abd7c642127228536 Hurt You OG quality: https://onlyfiles.io/f/b28f7c4808bf4c458effad479cd61df0 Violence OG quality: https://onlyfiles.io/f/b847457bbc314a8b94c6b68b06a77282 Plus idk if these 2 instrumentals leaked but btw here we go: https://onlyfiles.io/f/044d92f165974ebc87c0010aa1772681 https://onlyfiles.io/f/f60bea9ad49640329f37fd68acd79a95
  4. 1 last more and then I'm done, I know this got posted on Soundcloud but maybe someone wants the OG Quality file so here you go https://onlyfiles.io/f/fc0ad003eceb451a9acd38617a927aef
  5. This is the OG file I think https://onlyfiles.io/f/53f803011a744c5d94cfbdec557dc97e Also, UV LOVE Og Quality: https://onlyfiles.io/f/81b7166062dc49718c4da516ee1984ba
  6. I just have some OG files, and one of them is the one I posted. Also, did UV Love leaked in HQ/OG quality?
  7. Here is the HQ/OG Quality file, idk if it leaked but anyway here you go https://onlyfiles.io/f/d48230a13a004d56958c88252f243d32
  8. WhiteDress123

    Charli XCX

    It's funny how all these tracks leaked after discovering them 2 weeks ago, while Daddy Knows and I'm Done are taking years to leak
  9. WhiteDress123


    Nothin here is from her new album, Lover Boy is from mixtape era, Dolce Vita is an unfinished scrap song from troubled paradise and the Reaper is an old demo from 2019
  10. WhiteDress123


    Here's a bunch of OG Files Dolce Vita Demo https://onlyfiles.io/f/88eb6188738b4376a244bd431507fd6f Plastic https://onlyfiles.io/f/87a901b8ad3942b1a24b85fbc85b0c47 Lover Boy https://onlyfiles.io/f/12f71256fc644abc816e991ed7889a51 The Reaper https://onlyfiles.io/f/681d5e526b0b46eeb605260c60323723 Plus instrumentals of Letters, Cowboys, Mine and Serial Killer https://onlyfiles.io/f/2c35bfe37859404383d18830d6b34bbf https://onlyfiles.io/f/39027050b9534b82a5a8e948348a80ce https://onlyfiles.io/f/936048a491cc4dc19cbb935ca4b95382 https://onlyfiles.io/f/fa2ec61350544d33b6d41a3505456a2b
  11. WhiteDress123


    Waiting for Plastic and Tear Me Up OG files
  12. WhiteDress123

    Charli XCX

    I think it's time to leak daddy knows and boyfriend
  13. WhiteDress123


    Someone please edit Rainbow Road with the second verse
  14. WhiteDress123

    Tove Lo

    A gift https://dropbay.net/Dfm/Tove_Lo_-_I_Didnt_See_It_Coming_(OG).mp3 Lady Wood Outtake
  15. WhiteDress123

    Melanie Martinez

    This sounds dope, thanks! do you also have an edit for band aid?
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