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  1. Right?! I'm such a sucker for picture discs as it is, but this one is just
  2. Finally I attained the holy grail of my vinyl collection: the 12" picture disc version of Blue Jeans! I'll admit I already owned the 7" picture disc, so I know this is greedy, but I have been wanting this vinyl for about 5 years now and finally decided to pay out for it. Though at least it didn't cost as much as I was expecting, compared to Discogs listings and all that. Its so pretty! Though it's missing the track-listing sticker on the front, which is a shame, but oh well.
  3. Oh that's so weird. I'm jealous, the colour on the website is way nicer. Your guess is accurate, I'd definitely describe it as just a short t-shirt, hah. I think the fit is a little too loose as well, so anyone looking to order one, maybe order a size down? This one shown is a small. Here are some rubbish phone photos, excuse the filters but I was trying to get the colours accurate due to the lighting:
  4. My order arrived today, yay! A few things to mention: I did not expect the tote bags to be so massive, as the previews of the original designs were like, standard rectangular totes but what I got sent was like a big bucket. The previews of the new designs look more accurate. I can take some photos if anyone wants. I still like them though, they feel good quality, but they're too pretty to use! I also ordered the pink crop top which I'm a bit disappointed by as it very clearly looked a peachy-pink colour on the website but is in reality much pinker. The design is no longer for sale, but just a heads-up for anyone that is thinking of ordering one of the designs in a similar colour, like this one:
  5. So before I spend much more time trying to hunt down a physical copy of this because I didn't read the first post properly: only the online cover of this issue has Lana as the cover, but the print issue has Aya Nakamura on the cover. Right? Guess that saves me some money then.
  6. Fucking hell, I know I shouldn't be surprised at this point but they are quoting me literally $44 to ship a few pin badges and air fresheners to the UK. $44!!!
  7. Ohhhh no I want all of the pins. $15 each though!
  8. Oh no! That's so shitty. Why on earth did they think a paper print could survive being posted to a different country with minimal packaging!? What a lousy seller. If it's any consolation it does look really good in the frame now. Maybe hang it up really high so you can't see the creases...?
  9. Oh I'm sorry, I don't know why I just assumed you were in the UK. Ah that sucks! It also doesn't really make sense since they can evidently take orders over the phone. I don't know why this magazine is so difficult to purchase, it's like they don't want to make any money on it...
  10. I couldn't find it in any shops or online so I rang the number they gave on their website and was able to order a copy for UK delivery just 2 days ago : ) Found here: https://www.musicweek.com/subscribe
  11. Thanks so much for the link! Ordered! Always pleased when I can get a magazine for the retail price instead of triple the price on eBay... I love the cover so much, she looks so happy and beautiful.
  12. I haven't read it but it's been in my amazon basket for maybe a few years now? Haha. I really like the sound of it as I'm a fan of short story anthologies, but the reviews are pretty mixed. I hope it doesn't shoot up in price now it has been promoted though....
  13. New stuff every week?! Lord. I'm secretly hoping it's all hideous so I don't have to spend $40 on shipping again....
  14. That one worked for me a few days ago in the UK store, but if it doesn't work, I think you can also try LDR15OFF
  15. Welllll that's good, because I made two orders of the same stuff (wanted to add some more bits with the second order) thinking I could just cancel the first lot, but the FAQs say you can't cancel any orders, sooooo. Hopefully I can sell them for enough to cover the international postage costs. I'm such a fool.
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