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  1. Omg. They restocked the Married in Mount Airy CDs and cassettes too! (Just after I placed an order for the other cassettes, so now I have to pay double shipping.... But, still, happy to be able to buy them at least.)
  2. God bless the Canadian store and it's incredibly reasonable shipping 🙏 I missed this from the UK store but shipping from Canada was only £5?! Phewww. I'm sure it will probably be restocked soon, as they've been pretty good lately with restocks, but just incase... It's too pretty, I couldn't risk missing it.
  3. Ohhh, that's so annoying. Good efforts on trying to track it down though. I haven't found it for sale second-hand anywhere either, which really makes me think they printed barely any. Please let me know if you hear back from the official merch suppliers though! 🤞
  4. I want that pink A3 poster that sold out crazy fast but I don't think it was ever sold through this website anyway. I went to literally every merch stand asking for it I don't know why they didn't print way more initially, they were just cheap prints selling for £15, like, they could have made a killing on these...
  5. Haha, that is true, it is a one-off! Maybe I'll make my own really crap version of the LFL patch and glue it on myself And luckily the necklace itself wasn't damaged, only the box, so it's not too bad. Thanks for your input, I think I will keep them both, now (like that took much convincing...)
  6. I did! They said they will give me a 25% refund if I want to keep it, or a 100% refund if I send it back... Same with the damaged necklace. No offer to replace either which I guess makes sense as they sold out a while ago. I'm not sure what to do, I don't think I'll ever wear the jacket, tbh, so maybe I should get all my money back, but I'll probs find it hard to not own it, because it's cool and because I'm a child of consumerism
  7. You look amazing! Can I ask how you have a chain across the top of your nose?? It looks so cool, I now want one, but only have one nose piercing, I guess I would need 2?
  8. Yeah I hope you're right! I don't want to stress about watching the entirety of every set just in case she shows up. I hope that doesn't sound mean of me, obviously I want to watch and enjoy the other acts too, but I want to be more relaxed about it and wonder about, getting food and stuff, you know?
  9. Sorry if this has already been discussed, but how likely do we think Lana might show up for collabs during the other artist's sets? This line-up is crazy, it's like a whole day centred around this one specific album (which is much deserved, obvs). Are the headliners consulted on who gets chosen for the rest of the line-up? Did she just get to pick and choose? Also I'm so freaking excited to see FJM live again, he is fantastic on stage. What a line-up! ❤️
  10. Hah! Good plan Also, my A&W necklace came with the box broken. I'm not having much luck with these merch items this time round, oh dear 🙃
  11. Did anyone else's racer jacket have the Lust For Life patch missing? They've just replaced it on mine with a second Ultraviolence patch, lol (I tried to embed this as an image but it didn't work, sorry): https://imgur.com/a/qnVoHyV
  12. Oh man, that's annoying. Could you buy 6 copies to increase your chances? Hahah
  13. Yes they were. As far as I can figure out, the NY Times style magazine was included with the Saturday/Sunday (22nd-23rd April) paper and came with an option of 6 different covers, one of which featured Lana. But outside of the US, it seems like only 1 cover was available and that had Elle Fanning and Naomi Watts on it. I could be wrong, but every copy I found in the UK said 'international edition' on it and was the Elle Fanning cover. I'd like to hunt down a Lana cover because yes, the chicken shot is adorable, but don't fancy paying loads of money for it on eBay when the article is only 1 page long and has 1 photo :/
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