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  1. I’m gonna go ahead and share my thoughts on a new (believable) setlist for the 2024 leg 1. A&W (full song) 2. Young & Beautiful 3. Paris, Texas 4. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 5. The Grants/Flipside 6. Cherry 7. Fuck It, I Love You 8. NFR/Arcadia 9. Ultraviolence 10. Born to Die 11. Candy Necklace 12. Let the Light In 13. Summertime Sadness 14. Video Games 15. Ocean Blvd
  2. I’m so jealous of UK fans having 2 shows this year and now another 2 next year
  3. i like a few of her songs but my friends wanna go see her in Dallas so i’m tagging along, think i’m gonna listen to the songs in her setlist earlier this year.
  4. Yawnnn no Florida Kilos?? She used to play with the set 2018-2019 and make it fun while doing the BTD songs but without Hope and Candy Necklace this set is really stale, it was my 3rd time seeing her in Dallas and I was really disappointed cause it was basically the same set as LATM/NFR without Shades of Cool or MTWBT to balance it out. Not trying to be negative there’s just so little NFR or Ocean in the setlist and it makes zero sense.
  5. Alright now that I’m safe back in Oklahoma I’ll give my review. Preface - getting there was miserable we drove through a storm in blinding rain, got to our hotel and saw on instagram that they were halting the show/starting earlier. Got a GREAT spot on the lawn about 10 minutes before she came on. I will say her vocals were magnificent and the band was immaculate. I was heartbroken that Ocean Blvd and Hope got cut because of another impending storm. All in all the setlist wasn’t the best but I’m happy I got to see her a third time even if it was for only 80 minutes. Her ending speech was really nice too
  6. I personally don’t think the time has passed for any of her songs, she can pull from whatever album and we’ll love it (ala Flipside). The Greatest and FIILY would eat as new NFR editions
  7. Will be attending this show on the lawn! Hoping for a couple setlist surprises and that the lawn is chill
  8. 100% to all you just said, I’m actually going to be at that show tomorrow and I’m hoping in some delusional way we get a Honeymoon track
  9. The Honeymoon erasure this year It’d be cute to at least have the title track or MTWBT
  10. I personally love the two covers, as someone who loves American standards. Summertime is a haunting ballad really suit for Lanas voice. Don’t get all the hate on her covers. without Shades of Cool tho
  11. Super excited I feel like this and Dallas will be major highlights of this leg
  12. oh i was just talking about the time she comes on stage which i’m assuming will be around 9pm central time
  13. She absolutely has to add Paris, Texas right If not tonight at least Tuesday when I see her. We need soundcheck updates stat
  14. i’m willing to hear anything NFR-OB personally at this point I just know her vocals would eat!!! Replace Bartender
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