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  1. cannot fucking stand Used To Know Me but this is really good glad we have another song sampling That song that isn't incredibly boring and annoying (still like the rest of that album but Yeah) sorry this is the Beyoncé thread ik i just couldn't stand all the comparisons even if technically they are fair
  2. where the FUCK are they??????? i liked mememe well enough and Doritos & Fritos was actually really great imo but good god at least give us a STORE pre-order
  3. tt1pdvinyl

    Charli XCX

    im sorry it just didnt really grab me on first few listens
  4. tt1pdvinyl

    Charli XCX

    ok yeah thats fair sorry for not giving a reason earlier i just hate how generic it is usually idrc but for this particular track it just fills me with rage for some reason the lyrics arent bad though and i like the video fine enough New Shapes used to be my favorite until I overplayed it to fucking death before the album release and now I strongly prefer Constant Repeat. still a great track though
  5. tt1pdvinyl

    Charli XCX

    ...nvm UTKM still sucks though also i just listened to the bonus tracks twice and they're fine, i like Selfish Girl the most the rest could've just Not existed
  6. tt1pdvinyl

    Charli XCX

    revisiting this album after a while... oh god it fell off pretty hard for me my favorite tracks have went from OMG ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE BOPS to nice background music this feels awful and Used To Know Me still sucks imo, fuck that song
  8. tt1pdvinyl


    idc too much about her old stuff i need more recent leaks 😭
  9. tt1pdvinyl


    who fucking cares haven't heard the EP but i still very much love abcdefu
  10. tt1pdvinyl


    havent heard his old stuff besides P*nk G*y but I really liked Nectar when it came out. Great late night listening.
  11. i adore HTE (the song) so that's no issue!!! also besides that theres a ton of slow songs i adore 4gw3wu90j53h8pw4t9g53
  12. ive always wanted to but for some reason i never got around to it maybe i will later this year hopefully
  13. fuck this kinda attitude drives me away from doing anything you want me to do
  14. tt1pdvinyl


    this is dumb bc Harry is literally one of the biggest artists in the world rn I love Poppy but she really isnt close to that level of fame
  15. i cannot get into thank u next honestly its so fucking obnoxious and boring to me (ghostin might be her best though) i like positions a lot though
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