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  1. tt1pdvinyl

    Taylor Swift

    i know im gonna get shat on but tbh i HEAVILY prefer BOTH reputation and Lover to this like it's not even close
  2. tt1pdvinyl

    Taylor Swift

    thanks a lot!!!
  3. tt1pdvinyl

    Taylor Swift

    can someone post the lengths of the 3 Target bonus tracks please
  4. tt1pdvinyl

    Ava Max

    only thing keeping me from hearing this album is that its not in HQ loved the singles im really excited for this
  5. tt1pdvinyl


    FYB absolutely rips!!!! Can't wait for the Stagger EP, could possibly be better than Choke tbh oh btw no one mentioned it the EP is out October 14th
  6. tt1pdvinyl


    oh god im on track 9 of Utopia this album is so much worse than i remembered what the fuck like its definitely not bad but my god what the FUCK happened after Vulnicura???? take all of this with a grain of salt as this is my revisit of the album since 2018 and most albums ive heard in my life grow on me to where i love them ok Tabula Rasa is absolutely gorgeous
  7. tt1pdvinyl


    here's mine Debut: Venus As A Boy, Crying, Like Someone In Love, Big Time Sensuality, Come To Me Post: Hyper-Ballad, Army Of Me, Enjoy, Possibly Maybe, Isobel Homogenic: All Is Full Of Love (album version), Pluto, All Neon Like, Jóga, Bachelorette Vespertine: Pagan Poetry, Cocoon, Aurora, Unison, It's Not Up to You Medúlla: Desired Constellation, Who Is It, Oceania, Ancestors, Triumph Of A Heart Volta: Declare Independence, The Dull Flame of Desire, Pneumonia, My Juvenile, Earth Intruders Biophilia: Crystalline, Cosmogony, Mutual Core, Sacrifice, Virus i should admit that these are all from me revisiting her discography (heard it all back in 2018 then i never came back to her for whatever reason) and i will listen to Vulnicura tonight ranking so far would be (best to worst): Vespertine Post Biophilia Homogenic Medúlla Volta (clicked last night though, pretty great album) Debut Selmasongs The Music From Drawing Restraint 9 (has some incredible moments but the rest are not as good) quite curious to see where Vulnicura & Utopia will land on my ranking as the latter was my first Björk album and the album that made me a lot more patient during longer songs (which is pretty huge considering how a lot of my favorite artists make long music)
  8. tt1pdvinyl

    Troye Sivan

    i would be pretty happy if he announced an album later this year tbh, i really liked IN A DREAM
  9. tt1pdvinyl


    a bedtime story is bad but the rest of the singles are good tbh i have not heard anything else from Shygirl though so i shouldn't be the one to judge
  10. tt1pdvinyl

    Taylor Swift

    why is the Mahogany cover so fucking funny
  11. tt1pdvinyl

    Ava Max

    i liked H&H but i was excited for this because of the lead tf anyways so sad to see it get postponed :/ I REALLY hope it wont get scrapped
  12. tt1pdvinyl


    Utopia is her best cover i get not liking the album to an extent but why is everyone hating on the cover??? (i dont exactly mean here, that other forum) the colors are so beautiful Fossora cover grew on me over the course of today but i think it looks better cropped actually
  13. tt1pdvinyl

    Taylor Swift

    why is like 5 posts during an ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT about lana i stfg- anyways im so excited!!!!
  14. tt1pdvinyl

    Demi Lovato

    oh my god i am so obsessed with this album i need every demo from this album to leak bc i cant stand how compressed and near unlistenable the released product is EAT ME & SKIN OF MY TEETH are some of the best songs of the year
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