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  1. this is so fucking funny to me bc Punk itself has always been a short genre
  2. tt1pdvinyl


    im not implying anything but do you get deja vu.......
  3. tt1pdvinyl


    overhated as fuck song it's really good imo
  4. tt1pdvinyl


    the background is fucking great but the makeup, outfit, Everything is just Odd
  5. tt1pdvinyl

    Taylor Swift

    besides the singles (not all of them, you know the ones) I think Lover is a great album! I Forgot That You Existed and London Boy are the two deep cuts that are complete misses but the rest ranges from solid to fantastic. this is just my opinion though and I understand where the people who disagree are coming from
  6. tt1pdvinyl


    ...oh god i did not realize it shortens to ""POG" that makes everything 10x worse
  7. tt1pdvinyl


    as someone who hasn't heard any other Arca project besides these KiCks (dw im def listening to the rest of her discog once its all said and done) Araña might be my new favorite song of hers (previous was Calor). It's actually one of the most hypnotic tracks I've ever heard I love it The rest of the album uhhh I really enjoy the entire first half (besides the first half of Lethargy) but after Araña the album falls off imo it's not that I think the rest of the second half sucks I just think it loses focus and is a step down in quality, at least imo really love Andro though, definitely one of the highlights Still excited for the rest of the series though!!!!
  8. tt1pdvinyl


    does anyone have a unreleased masterpost?
  9. tt1pdvinyl


    idk about my ranking of the rest but I certainly know Born Yesterday is last like idk the instrumental doesn't even really fit with the vocals/vocal melody
  10. wait why was there so much TRENCH slander here when it was released it's literally their best album
  11. https://open.spotify.com/album/1B61NzknoGqafMfKLY7QtZ?si=iisoI3dFQH6j9BiP-beCug yess finally we have an official remaster of the entire livestream!!!! time to stream it more than the actual album which is honestly pretty mid
  12. tt1pdvinyl


    i know this sounds beyond dumb but what if she said that for the press release so the people who already knew V was coming would be skeptical?
  13. tt1pdvinyl


    i feel slightly opposite tbh Loved KiCk i, not sure about KICK ii so far & KicK ii sounds promising
  14. tt1pdvinyl


    i literally cannot get Easy On Me out of my fucking head jesus christ ok I like the song
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