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  1. The Collected Works of Jim Morrison: Poetry, Journals, Transcripts, and Lyrics
  2. Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground
  3. This song, but really this entire album.
  4. I have to be delulu for a minute and write about how the stars aligned and this album was released for me. My birthday is Oct 25. I take a medication she mentioned. NOTG was one of my favorite unreleased songs (or at least post-Lizzy unreleased). Even though I can agree it's not the best album as a whole, the musical style aligns nicely with various genres I'm interested in, so it's still somewhere in the top of my list. Right before we figured out Thunder was going to be on the album I had been to a memorial service for my finance's phD advisor. Apparently his motto was "Just do it". I had been going on a deep dive of RHCP, and the iconic scene from Arcadia with the stars in the background and the city on her chest is almost identical to a scene in the video for Under the Bridge. But mostly the fact that it's basically a birthday album
  5. What kind of stuff do you like now? I usually look into my favorites' inspirations (as someone mentioned above), and typically that works out well. I also try some stuff in my usual genres on the new music friday playlists. Honestly, it's like a needle in a haystack using that method, but I have found some newer artists I really like that way.
  6. Okay, here's my list. Most of these are also on my all time favorites list.
  7. Jesus Christ by Brand New is one of my favorite songs ever
  8. If you write anymore next time you’re high and bored I’d be interested to read them… but maybe as a blog post or status or message or something
  9. That line gives me a visual similar to the end of Tropico.
  10. Real or not this sounds so heartbreaking and I’m curious for more
  11. I feel a bit introspective right now, so why not? Sun - Actual Sign: Scorpio Lana Discography Sign: Honeymoon I can definitely be dramatic, wild, and very emotional, but in a lowkey way. I also get overlooked as I'm extremely introverted and quiet despite the raw emotion that's almost always in my mind. Most of the time my outward demeanor is going to be that of something like MTWBT. Eventually I always reach my breaking point (comparable to The Blackest Day), but a little party in the form of Freak or HBTB helps me recharge. Moon - Actual Sign: Virgo Lana Discography Sign: AKA My mind can be pure chaos. There are some wild, in-your-face, potentially dangerous moments like Mermaid Motel, Jump, and ... well y'all know the album, but there are also more mysterious and hazy moments too. Rising - Actual Sign: Scorpio Lana Discography Sign: NFR I think I seem a lot more calm than I really am most of the time, but there's still clear optimism. I also think I'm at the point in my life where I thrive most in low-key social settings (for example, sitting around a fire listening to Crimson and Clover) and I need an escape from everyday life often. Violet would fit here well too. Side Note: I really wanted to use Blue Banisters for one of these because I connect so much with Nectar and WFWF, but the album as a whole didn't exactly fit any of the signs for me.
  12. Yayo - 16 + West Coast - 21 - Venice Bitch - 13
  13. Group 1: Blue (but Yellow sometimes too) Group 2: Red
  14. It's so long.... Mermaid Motel Arcadia Get Drunk If You Lie Down With Me Cruel World Axl Rose Husband LA Who Am I To Love You Terrence Loves You Raise Me Up (Mississippi South) American Nectar of the Gods Change Elvis Pin Up Galore On & On & On Trash Magic I Talk To Jesus Oh Say Can You See Noir
  15. Yayo - 7 Off To The Races - 5 Ride - 8 West Coast - 8 The Blackest Day - 4 Venice Bitch - 6 White Dress - 9 Black Bathing Suit - 3
  16. Song Fav: Cruel World Best: The greatest Least Fav: Lucky Ones Worst: Beautiful Album Fav: NFR Best: Honeymoon Least Fav: Born To Die Worst: Lust For Life
  17. Oh! I had never put together that they are the same person. I just started listening to his music recently so that makes sense.
  18. Do they having a history other than the song Living With Myself? Your post makes me feel like I’ve missed something… but I really love his music a lot.
  19. It literally gives me butterflies. I overreact to new songs often but this one is next level for so many reasons.
  20. When she says “We’ll I’ll be goddamn” it makes all the happy chemicals in my brain start firing off.
  21. I’m listening to Ethel Cain for the first time since I’ve seen this thread come up so much and I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT!!!!
  22. Imagine if Lana made a surprise appearance at FJM’s livestream that’s about to start. I know we wouldn’t be that lucky though.
  23. That’s good to know because I was a little worried something was wrong with my order. I got a confirmation, but I’m having flashbacks to when my blue banisters signed card got canceled…
  24. The green Spotify album is here but the box set isn’t yet. It still doesn’t even say it’s shipped.
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